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Family time

My cousin is getting married on Friday and this has brought my Grandparents back to visit.  It’s been two years since they were last here. They will be visiting for the next 2 weeks. :) I will be trying to get as much time in with them as possible. They are in their 80s and while still healthy I know the clock is counting down.

My Dad had a little get together yesterday which my Grandparents and an Uncle attended. My Grandmother was in her element.  She is hilariously opinionated. I’ve missed that.

My cousin is here from the West Coast and over the next few days a lot of other family will be coming to town. I’m so excited to see them all and spend time with them.

Wednesday is the bachelourette and Canada Day.  From the itinerary there will be drinking, fireworks and more drinking. :)

Some time in this week I need to squeeze in a visit with an old friend who is here with her children from Florida until Saturday. She hasn’t been here in over 15 years. I am trying hard to think if she was here when Diva was born. I have never met her 3 beautiful children. I am hoping that we will be able to meet up tomorrow.

Yesterday my BFF and I hit the local thrift shop as she’s lost some weight and needed some new clothes.  For $90 she got a pair of jeans, a bra, 2 shirts and 3 dresses. I on the on the other hand bought a shirt for Diva, a book and Bob Harper’s yoga DVD for less than $19. The DVD was $3!! :) Three dollars!?! I’m very happy with my find. It as on my long list of things to buy somewhere near the bottom as I didn’t want to pay a lot for it.

In other news, Diva has finished her training at a local youth employment center and has been placed at The Gap. She goes in for an interview on Thursday.  Her uniform is black pants and a collared shirt. The shirt I bought at the thrift store was too small but we went back and was able to exchange it for another. Now we need to go over her shoe collection to see if any are acceptable.

Now to get Princess motivated to finish her resume and out applying for jobs.

I have recently discovered “Dexter” the TV series. Yes I know I’m way behind. My cousin recommended it years ago. I’m only on episode 2 but I’m really enjoying it.

On the list of things to do this weekend:

  • library
  • shoe shopping
  • grocery store
  • watch more episodes of Dexter ;)
  • meal plan
  • take Princess to a few stores in the neighbourhood to apply for jobs

To the water I went

Yesterday was a beautiful day. So much so I decided it could not be spent completely indoors.  So after going to Costco, which I need to avoid from now on, I took my kids down to Bluffers Park.  I have not been in a very long time and although we did not spend a great deal of time there, it was a nice and something that I will be repeating again throughout the summer.

Since I bought myself a lovely DSLR, I made sure to bring it with me. Ok, Diva reminded me to bring it.

Lake Ontario


Lake Ontario


Since I have the zoom lens, you can also bear witness to what I saw.

The Bluffs

Can you see them?

The Bluffs

How about now?

The Bluffs

Still wondering what I am looking at?

The Bluffs

There were people climbing up The Bluffs. WTF???? Of course Diva wanted to do it too. *smh*

Food Waste

Food waste

Diva and I went through both freezers on Saturday.  It didn’t take as long as I thought it would and it netted some food waste, which I expected.

In the picture above is:

Garlic bread
Hamburger buns
Chinese dumplings x 7
Italian sausages
Carcasses of maybe chicken x 2
Various homemade soups(?) that no one could recognize

All in all it was not as bad as I thought it would be.  I was surprised that we do not have any frozen pizzas as I buy them often. The Chinese dumplings are older than old as I don’t think I have bought any in the past 3 years easily. There is a lot of frozen fruit in my freezer which I will be turning into smoothies or popsicles.

We now have a list of everything in both freezers which I am slowly going to use out. Meal planning should be so much easier now. :)

Tee hee I made a funny.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

I really did mean to start working out but then reality set in. I was sick for the past week and a half and have lost both weight and my appetite. My appetite has not returned.

I don’t eat enough in a day. The struggle is real my friends. LOL #FirstWorldProblems

I went for another walk this evening with Diva.  This might be our new routine. It’s nice to get out and move without over-exerting myself. I just need to add some weights to my routine and I’ll be all set.

Eventually I will get it together and get back on track. I’m aiming for sooner rather than later.

My exercising has fallen off recently.  I was working out daily until last Friday.  I can’t say what made me stop but I did feel like I was phoning it in more often than not.

Today I took a walk to the store and it felt great to move again.

Ignite by Spri killer body

In April I saw the above videos at my local drug store and decided to treat myself to something new. The Jillian video is exactly what I wanted a video, one that would just target one area at a time.  This video has 3 workouts; upper body, lower body and core. The reviews said the quality of the video was not top notch but I didn’t notice anything significant.

900 calorie burn caught my attention right away.  I must confess that it took me a while before I even took the plastic off.  It just looked intimidating.  I have done all of the workouts and they are challenging. Ashley does not yell or scream like Bob or Jillian but she still gets a place in my bad book.  I kept thinking I can do anything for 25 minutes and I was wrong some days.

Sunday I will dust off my videos and start over again. I have lots to choose from. :)

June Savings Challenge

I have been thinking long and hard about what to do for this challenge.  The only thing I keep coming back to is my food bills.  They have gotten a little out of control recently.  Between the eating out and the stocking up, the amount I spend to feed us has grown tremendously. We now have a rather sizable stockpile that I would like to use up.

Example #1 – The big freezer

The big freezer

While it is not packed in the most efficient way it still contains quite a bit of food.  See all the frost growing along the sides? I would like to get this freezer emptied out so I can defrost it as I’m sure frost is not supposed to be in there. I also would prefer an upright freezer instead of the chest version I have.  A co-worker of one of my friends is interested in buying mine and therefore I can justify getting an upright. IF only I could get the freezer emptied.  We shall see if the interest is still there once it is empty.

Example #2 – The little freezer

The little freezer

Again not efficiently packed but still very full. Various packs of meat and sugary treats dominate this space.

Example #3 – The fridge

The fridge

You already knew it would not be nice and neat lol. I need to go through the condiments in the door as some of them have been there for years.

Example # 4, 5 & 6 – The shelf, cupboard and pantry

The shelfThe cupboardThe pantry

Really need to spend some time organizing these spaces. A friend did it for me a couple of years ago but it seems that we have fallen off the wagon a bit.

As you can see we have lots and lots of food in house. By the end of the weekend I would love to have it all inventoried so I can easily tell what we have.

I am going back to meal planning instead of winging it.  I really want to say that we used it all up and did not throw out anything.  I know that is not possible as I already am aware of 3 containers in the little freezer that I have no idea what is in them but I know they have been there for at least 2 years.  In my misguided mind, I thought I would remember what was in the containers and did not label or date them.  Silly bunny.  Oh well, lesson learned for next time.


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