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7 minutes

In what I can only describe as a fit of madness, I decided to run to the closest Tim Horton’s (doughnut/coffee chain) … at 11 pm tonight.  This is what happens when you ate more that you intended to and didn’t exercise all day.

Diva who is always up to go outside agreed to accompany me.  I would like to say it was mainly because she wanted to spend time with me but the doughnut I agreed to get her might have played a bigger part than I would like to admit. lol

So we walked down the stairs and once we got to the street, we started to jog.

I have walked to this particular Tim’s before and it felt like a reasonable distance.  Not tonight.  Part way through I wanted to stop and looked at my watch to learn only 4+ minutes had passed since we left our apartment. :(

So I keep trucking.

At one point I slowed to a walk then decided I was so close to the finish that I should just suck it up and keep on going.

It was not as bad as I thought it would be.  I think I will be hurting tomorrow.

According to google map the distance between the two traffic lights is about half a mile. It took me 7 minutes and 22 seconds to get from my front door to the second traffic light.

Now I’m motivated to try to cut the time down.

In an effort not to overdo it, we walked home.

So … last night

My BFF is the absolute best.  Since I have been in a bit of a mood she took it upon herself to plan an evening out.

Recently she went to New Orleans and as much as I wanted to go as it’s been on my list FOREVER; I am still within the probationary period at work and it’s our black out period.

She came back raving about the food, which only makes me want to go even more.

So last night we went to a restaurant named New Orleans. The food was good but not great.  For appetizers, she had the seafood gumbo and said it was better in New Orleans.  I had the crab cakes.  They were ok.  For dinner we shared the Jambalaya for 2.  Portion wise it was more like for 6 as we both came home with 2 big take out containers.  It too was good but not great.  It was lacking something that I can’t put my finger on. The dessert menu was not calling us so that was the end of our stay here.

Anyhoo … this restaurant just intensified my desire to go to New Orleans.

After dinner, we went to a 35+ singles party … in a hotel … where I swear the average age was 55 … While I don’t own up to the years I have lived they are nowhere near 55. I think we were the youngest in the room.  While it was not a bad experience, it was not one I want to repeat.  Men my father’s age were trying to dance/talk to me.  It was a bit surreal.

Saddest part out of all of this is I was home before Diva who went to her BFF’s birthday party.

So far I have managed to:

  • get my eyebrows threaded, which was long overdue
  • take my old vacuum & toaster oven along with 2 bags of clothes to Goodwill
  • Return my library books that were due and pick up the movies that were on hold

Now I’m waiting for my BFF as we are going out.  Place unknown as she is in charge of this night.  My old instruction was not to wear jeans.  Whoops thought I pressed publish on this already.

Still left to do is:

  • update my resume, I am going to job search hard soon
  • clean my house … WHY does this seem to always need to be done
  • menu plan for next week
  • put away my laundry
  • wash sheets and towels
  • build a bookshelf/cubby unit for Princess
  • research car insurance

Almost 12 weeks

Schindler's List (Source)

That’s how long it took me to read this book.

It was very hard to get into for me.  Simply because the names and Nazi officer titles took me a while to get a grip on.

Then I only read this book at work. And between my co-workers interesting conversations, the TV in the lunchroom and my desire not to tear up at work, it took some work.

But I was determined to finish it. Now I can watch the movie. :)

I thought I was the only one who hadn’t seen it, but 117 people have it on hold.  I didn’t think that this movie from 2004 would have such a long waiting list.

Now I need to find a “light” book to read. Any suggestions?

Not up to much

Good golly I have not been here in a while.  I wish I had a great reason, but life has just been rather mundane.  I am still working out.  Still working.  Still trying to figure out life.

The exercising continues.  The weight loss not so much.  I am stronger.  The 3 lbs weights are not doing much so recently I moved up to 5 lbs which is challenging. I am starting to see some muscle definition in my arms and my clothes are getting looser. :) So there is progress, just not fast enough for me.

I am going back into job search mode. The current job is boring and slow.  We have entered “busy” season and it seems like it applies to everyone but me.  I spend most days just staring at my computer. It is mind numbing and awful. I like the people I work with and the atmosphere but not challenging my brain all day is slowly killing me.

With March break being next week, I need to find some activities to occupy my girls.  Left to their own I think they would sleep all day and be up all night which would make the first week back to school a nightmare.  Diva went to their Dad’s last night.  I’m thinking she could stay there all week. Princess likes to be alone and she is a home body so she’ll be “ok”.  I’ll need to find something to keep her occupied.

Went for a massage this morning and it was lovely.  Why I don’t do this more often is beyond me.  Booked another one next month. ;) Self care is high on my list of things to do this year.

Took my car in to get an oil change and they found that there are some minor repairs needed. A belt and a joint was an issue … I will need tires before next winter … Not impressed but such is the joy of car ownership. I now need to walk back to the mechanic to pick up my car.


They’re here!!

On Wednesday I threw out my couch in anticipation of yesterday’s delivery.

living room living room living room

After the couch gone, we moved the black chairs in front of the TV.  Given that there are 3 of us and only 2 chairs, it was a fun couple of days.

Saturday morning Diva & I got up and cleared space for the boxes.


All of the pieces required some assembly, but nothing I couldn’t handle.

Rocker recliner couch loveseat

The two black chairs have been promised to a friend who was supposed to move next month, but there has been a delay.  For now they will remain with me.

The new chairs are comfortable and firm.  Much different from my old couch.

Now to add some colour to this room.

Spending money like a baller

Ok let’s see where to start…

Saturday, I met up with a friend to have sushi at a new all you can eat place.  It was one of those newer places where you can order via tablet.  Very cool.  Great for making sure you get everything that you ordered. We then went back to her house to hang out.  I left her house to see about ordering my furniture.

I was in a rush since I had to drop my girls off to a party.  Instead of just ordering what I want, I told the sales rep I was looking for reclining fabric couches and she told me a new catalogue just came in.

In it I found this set.

Couch set

I like this set much better than the one I was originally going to get.  It doesn’t help that the set I went in to order went up in price by $250.  This one costs $250 less than the new price of the old set. Or exactly what I was looking to spend in the first place.

I have also been toying with the idea of getting a new dining room set, so I inquired about those as well.

I liked this one with the darker fabric chairs, but I did not like the price.

Dining set 1

It wasn’t a lot in the grand scheme of things but it was more than I was willing to spend.

This one was more in my price range but I am not feeling it.

Dining set 2

Since I was indecisive I walked away from everything.

I went back on Sunday and ordered the cheaper couch set pictured above and then this dining set chosen by Diva. I decided that it was time to execute.  I really want to get my place in order and am tired of procrastinating.

Dining set 3

As I was driving home, I had buyer’s remorse about the dining set.  I called the shop to cancel and there was a communication issue so I will call back on Tuesday to cancel it.

While I was out I also purchased an electric fireplace as the furnace in my home is not working well and my electric bill has been climbing the last couple of months. So rather than buy a whole new furnace, I figured I’d supplement my heat with a pretty fireplace.


I love it, but it doesn’t work well in my home.  4 times it tripped the fuse and put us in darkness. :( The first time it went out, the fireplace was on and I attempted to vacuum.  While I would like to take it as a sign not to vacuum … After the second time, we turned off anything that was not “essential”.  Then I turned on a small heater on the other side of the room … darkness. As it turns out every outlet in my living room and dining room is on the same fuse and my system can’t handle it. The last time it went out, the fireplace wasn’t even on. So I have no idea what’s that about.  Since I have unplugged the fireplace we have had constant power.

Since I am not about to run an extension cord from a bedroom to the living room, I am going to investigate returning it and seeing if I can just get a regular space heater.

I’m a little disappointed as I think it is a very nice piece and it made the place very cozy. I was planning to put my TV on it and “relax” by the fireplace.


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