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10 minutes

I found a new exercise guru to not like.

tracy anderson


So around 10 last night I come to terms with the fact that I still had not worked out. I borrowed the above video from the library thinking I can do 10 minute workouts. This is the second or third time it’s been in my house; first time in the DVD player.

Since I didn’t want to write on Sunday that I didn’t get my exercise on 5 times this week, I thought I’d cheap out and do one of these 10 minute ones.

How bad could it be!?!?!?!

Well my friends, it was challenging. 10 minutes doesn’t sound like a long time UNLESS you are focusing only on 1 body part. I started with abs as those workouts seem less intense to me. Read that as no jumping up and down. ;) It was past 10 after all. The workout hurt a bit but I got through it with a few modifications and constantly repeating “It’s only 10 minutes. Girl you can do anything for 10 minutes”.

Well I am a glutton for punishment as I felt “warmed up and ready to do more”. Arms were next. Tracy said pick up your 3 pound weights. This genius figured let’s just use the 5 pounders. This genius had to concede to the 3 pounds. Holy moly my arms were talking yelling at me. My 10 minute mantra was not working. Breaks were taken. At the end of it all I asked for volunteers to feed me today. Diva kindly volunteered Princess. lol

This morning my shoulders felt like they did some work but I was capable of getting myself together. So much so I did the butt and legs workouts. Those ones were much worse AND I did them without the recommended 1.5 or 2.5 ankle weights.

Tracy Anderson is a beast.

tracy anderson mat workout

I actually own her Mat Workout video above, which is still in the plastic. I think I know why.

I am typing this up afraid to laugh as my abs are telling me “don’t you dare think about doing her again tomorrow”. My butt and legs are in agreement.

Can you guess what I’ll be doing tomorrow?

Wkend recap – 9/21/15

I’m slowly getting back on track with the exercise but not quite there yet. Last week was 3 days. And that’s only because I accidentally got in some exercise on Saturday.

Let’s back track a bit. Saturday night found me downtown at a TIFF film. My BFF scored tickets to see “I Smile Back“. It was okay. I could have waited until it came out on video. We then walked 10 minutes looking for some place to eat before we gave up and went to meet her ex-coworker who was having a birthday party at a bar nearby. A 20+ minute walk away. See how I accidentally got in a workout?? Genius, I know. If only I could have planned it so well. lol

Anyhoo, we walked to the bar to socialize and it was a nice little get together. On a side note, the ex-coworker is very artistic and when I get a proper plan, I will look into hiring her to create a painting or two for me. I have a lot of bare walls and love real paintings as opposed to prints. I am also a big fan of supporting local talent, so fingers crossed she’s affordable.

I am on day 8 of my 12 day cleanse and I can’t wait for it to be over. Saturday night proved to be challenging to find some place that fit my strict dietary restrictions. We ended up at an Italian place, the name long forgotten, that was not so good. We sat at a table indoors by the window and there were little flies falling from the light above. We definitely had to change tables. I had grilled fish and veggies with mashed sweet potato. The sweet potato was not so good and the fish was meh. My BFF had the duck risotto and was not impressed. Now that I think about it maybe we should have taken the name so we can remember not to go back. lol

Yesterday was a semi-lazy day with a quick trip to Costco to return some corn bought on Thursday that went bad far too quickly. I got my $4 back but then spent $60 … I was taking my mother to buy a few things or else I think I would have let the corn go.

Sunday’s plans

If this week has taught me anything is that I need to work out first thing or else it does not get done. :(

the firm killer legs

I did the above video on Wednesday and felt it for the rest of the week. Next week I will go back to some of the videos in my collection. Might be time to bring back Jillian.  Also on my list of things to do is to start another cleanse. My eating over the past few months has been lacking. I am eating junk late at night just because I can. :( Time to clean up my diet. Nothing like a little detox to get me back on track.

wild rose detox kit

In order to be prepared for it I will make a pot of chicken soup today so I don’t have to think too much about what to eat as that is usually what does me in.

Sunday chore list

  • laundry
  • bake banana chocolate chip muffins for Princess
  • meal plan
  • make chicken & veggie soup
  • make bake & saltfish
  • watch one of the many movies borrowed from the library

I think that’s enough for one day.

Vacation recap

As promised I took a picture of the view from my cousin’s sun room. I has mistakenly called the body of water a lake but it’s actually Chesapeake Bay.

The view

Every morning this is what I looked at as I enjoyed a cup of coffee. I was in heaven and it strengthened my resolve to eventually get a piece of property with a view like this.

Ok so when we last left off, I had arrived on Friday afternoon. We stayed in Friday and just hung around the house.

Saturday morning, after breakfast we went shopping at Marshalls and HomeGoods. It took forever to get through these two stores and we were hungry when we left.

My kids and I are big fans of Diners, Drive Ins and Dives and try to hit up some of the places featured on the show. Princess and Diva saw an episode where the show was in Baltimore and actually remembered the name of the restaurant. However given where we were it was not exactly near by. So my cousin suggested another restaurant, also featured on “Triple D”. We went to a greasy spoon called “Chick & Ruth’s Delly“.

Chick & Ruth

It truly is a hole in the wall. The food was good, but I found it a bit salty. The kids had burgers of varying sizes. My cousin had the lump crab cakes and I had a Reuben sandwich.

After lunch we strolled down Main Street for a little while.

Main street

After wandering through a few tourist traps, we returned to my cousin’s house as neither she or her daughter wanted to go to Target with us. We tend to turn it into an ordeal so I don’t blame them.

I found a shirt and a dress in the clearance section and was horrified when I went to try them on. The mirrors in the change room showed me that Project Get Healthy needs to be revived asap!

We all slept in on Sunday and slowly made our way to DSW and Nordstrom Rack in search of shoes for the girls. Princess found the pair of all white Converse shoes she was looking for. Diva was out of luck. Afterward we went to a free concert given by the Annapolis Symphony Orchestra. Our “seats” were crappy as we were more interested in being in the shade that actually seeing the performers.

The symphony

This is a small sampling of the amount of people who attended as the concert was ending.

The crowd

It was a great evening. We bought some Peruvian chicken with sides and had a picnic in the park while listening to some wonderful music.

After the concert we headed home to relax some more.

My plan for Monday was to leave around noon. We left just after 1 pm. There is a little small town about 3 hours away that we always stop at to do some additional shopping, because we can’t shop enough!! LOL Plus Diva still hadn’t found her all black Converse shoes. I was very surprised that every store in this small town was open on Labour Day. Such a change from Toronto where I think only malls designated as tourist attractions are open on statutory holidays.

We were successful with finding the shoes Diva wanted. :) This stop was about 2 hours long. We safely arrived home just after midnight. Traffic was fantastic. Moving forward my new plan for these trips will be to leave extra early on my trip down and extra late on my trip back.

It’s almost home time

I know I only came for 4 days but they seemed to have passed in a blur. It does not help that I have been up late and slept in a bit this morning.

My kids have been doing the stay up way too late and get up even later which has been messing with the timing of our outings. *Argh*

I am aiming to leave by noon tomorrow so we don’t get home too late. Crossing my fingers that we miss heavy traffic on our way back.

Short recap to come in the next day or two.

Why am I still awake?

I got up shortly after 3 am this morning to make my drive to MD. It was not so much a struggle as a strange feeling that I hadn’t really slept at all but just laid in the bed for 6 hours in the dark. I actually heard my reminder to turn off my A/C.

Diva offered to give me another wake up call at 3:30 but that didn’t make sense.

We were up, showered and in the car by 4:02 am. Gold stars for everybody!!!

Traffic was light all the way to the border. Actually traffic was great all the way to my cousin’s house. The only thing that added time to our trip was the 2 stops along the way. Our first stop was for gas at a service center and the line up for Tim Horton’s was so long and slow that I left the girls in line and filled up the car before they were finished. :( The second stop at McDonald’s seemed to take longer than it should have given that there was only 2 orders ahead of ours. I think the hot cakes that Princess ordered had something to do with the delay.

Between you and I, every time I go into a McDonald’s in the States I am alarmed by the size of the people on BOTH sides of the counter. **shhhhh don’t tell nobody**

There was crazy thick fog that appeared once we crossed the border that made visibility in some places very difficult.

More fog Fog

The sun was out in the above pictures. Other than that the whole drive was very uneventful. We ran into some traffic 10 minutes from our destination and arrived safely at 1:30.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing while my girls went to the mall with my cousin’s daughter. My cousin moved last year to this beautiful property on a lake. If I hadn’t been chilling on the couch, you would have had some beautiful scenery shots. Oh well maybe tomorrow.

I figure if I can stay up until 10 that should “reset” my sleep cycle and get me back on track. I don’t really feel tired right now but hopefully that will change when I lay down.

6 hours


Until I leave for Maryland.  I don’t think since I became an adult have I every willingly went to bed at 9 pm.

My plan is to get up at 3 am and get out the door by 3:30. This will get me into MD around 12:30-1 pm which will leave us the better part of the day. :)

“Lucky” for me I am feeling ridiculously tired.

I know the trip will pass fast but I am still looking forward to every moment with my family.


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