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Until I saw this.


Get it together America. This ish is getting old.

I want to rant I really do but all I keep thinking is since the murders of 6 & 7 year olds at Sandyhook did not inspire change there’s not much hope that the gays will make a difference.

It saddens me deeply.

We can argue mental health and lack of funding; radicalized religious zealots; blah, blah, blah. What it all boils down to is gun control.

When I think back to December 2012 and my heart bleeds for those poor children at Sandyhook, I recall another story that happened the same day in China. Very similar in details, a deranged man attacks small kids at school. That story has a “happier” ending as the weapon of choice was a knife and even though he managed to 23 kids and 1 elderly woman NO ONE DIED.

This madness needs to end.

Summer Plans

Well I feel like I need to re-introduce myself I’ve been gone so long. lol

I wish I could say that life has been filled with adventure and I’ve been living it up and it’s kept me from this space but the truth of it is that right now life is steady.

Get up, go to work, come home, back to sleep, rinse, repeat.

I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with myself and the kids this summer. My usual plan to go to Maryland is most likely not going to happen. It’s time to make new plans.

I am thinking of some long weekends away.

Montreal is at the top of my list. I think it would be a nice quick trip. I assigned the logistics of it all to Diva and I need to check in with her to see what’s she’s come up with.

A day trip to Niagara Falls as I want to do the Whirlpool Jet Boat Tour along the Niagara Gorge. It’s a small fortune but it came highly recommended.

A weekend in Ottawa visiting my cousin.

A visit to the CN Tower. This has been on my list for a long while.

Also on my list this summer is to try Stand up Paddle Boarding. It looks like it might be fun. I saw a Groupon for a company recently and I regret not picking it up. I’ll definitely be keeping my eyes open for another deal. Diva has agreed to join me.

I think that’s it off the top of my head.  I am open to suggestions.

More bad news

The bad news just keeps on coming.

Last night, one of my cousins on my Dad’s side sent out a text message to our family group chat requesting our email addresses as she had “important” family business to tell.

I sent her a text to see what was up as I had a feeling. A bad feeling.

It was confirmed that her wife lost their baby that was due mid-September. He had died in utero Thursday evening and was delivered early Saturday morning. 😭

She also sent me a couple of pictures of him and his teeny tiny foot.

Broke my heart … again.

Unfortunately this cousin lives on the other side of the country so it’s not as easy to help out.

She sent her mass email this evening and as of 10 pm no one had responded, so I hit reply all and expressed all the sentiments I had sent her last night in our texting session. This prompted my Dad to reply.

I hope she gets the support she needs from my very unemotional family who all live on the East coast.

I know I’ve said it at least once already but I am so over death.

Summer’s here


And it’s ONLY May!?!😮

I’m not prepared for this. Was really hoping not to have to turn on my A/C so early. We have been suffering with fans and cold water … and Popsicles.:)

Anyone still denying global warming needs to come visit me.


Feeling blessed

Over the past couple of weeks I have been on the receiving end of many acts of kindness from my co-workers.

Last week when I was still on my cleanse I arrived at work to find a bag of cherries on my desk. A present from a co-worker who brought in sugary treats for the office. So I wouldn’t feel left out.

little miss sunshine

This t-shirt was given to me after I was admiring a similar shirt on one of my co-workers. It’s a little tight and I feel like I might lose custody of it to Princess.😦

On Friday I came back to my desk to find a fruit tart sitting there waiting for me.:)

So to say thank you, I will be making Turtle Cookies as this recipe caught my eye. I will pick up caramels tomorrow as this is the only ingredient I am missing.


Tomorrow morning bright and early I will be driving to Ottawa to visit with one of my cousins. She is in the process of packing up her place to move and is need of some assistance. Since it’s a long weekend AND neither of my girls are working tomorrow, it seemed like a great little road trip to lend a hand. We’ll be back hopefully before 6 pm on Monday. So I can make cookies, of course.😉

I impressed myself


So I started a cleanse last week and then cursed myself as it meant I would miss both Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day celebrations.

But then I remembered this recipe I have been lusting after, Homemade Burrito Bowls from Iowa Girl Eats. Well I didn’t get it together in time for May 5th or Mother’s Day but it was made and it was lovely.

When I buy meat, I separate it out into cooking portions and vacuum seal it with the help of Diva. I gave her the task of labeling all the packages. She’s gotten a little lazy and now only writes chicken as opposed to chicken thighs or legs.

Anyhoo, I took out what I thought were chicken breasts, only to learn they were boneless, skinless thighs. So I got creative and sliced them, coated them in the seasoning and then sautéed them with onions and green peppers. I was trying to sneak veggies into my kids plate. It worked!😉

Badda Bing Badda Boom!!


Topped my plate with some store bought guacamole and I was in heaven. Both of my girls were also impressed. I may never eat Mexican in a restaurant again. It was very easy to make and very tasty. I could have used a little more pepper but other than that perfection. I highly recommended this recipe. I can’t wait until I am off my cleanse so I can add cheese, jalapeños and sour cream to this mix.

It can stop now

Okay 2016 you can stop taking my loved ones. I am going to count Prince in the mix even though we never crossed paths. He was on my bucket list to see perform and I’m a little peeved that it will not come to fruition.

On a more personal note, my Grandmother passed away on Saturday and while we were not particularly close I still feel incredibly sad. She lives in the Caribbean and I am grateful that 3 of her 6 children & my Grandfather were by her side so she didn’t die alone. She was 87 and was admitted into hospital on Thursday, slipped into a coma on Saturday and passed away an hour later. I hope she didn’t suffer.

My Dad arrived today and I am waiting to hear funeral details. Depending on when the funeral is will dictate if I go. Right now I don’t feel a pull to go like I did with my cousin and her aunt.

My Aunts and Uncles “seem” okay but time will tell. Most of my cousins are also “okay”. Like all things this too shall pass.


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