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Yeah for thrift shops

I went to Walmart and bought the cheapest DVD player this afternoon. It was the only one that came with a remote and that was what sold me.

DVD player

It was smaller than any of the other DVD players I have. This is because it is missing the digital display. It worked but … well I was not completely sold. I like seeing how much time has passed when I watch a DVD as I have been known to stop mid-show and come back later.

“Funnily” enough when I plugged the dead DVD player into a different electrical outlet, it powered up. So I took that opportunity to remove the library’s DVD. Since it died unexpectedly I no longer trust it and out it must go.

As I mentioned buying a new DVD player to my BFF, she mentioned pawn shops and asked why I didn’t go used. It was like a light went on. Why didn’t I go used? It’s not like it’s hard to find used electronics. She recommended a store close to us and since I had to pick up Diva I figured why not pass by and look.

It was full of all kinds of stuff, guitars, jewelry, bicycles, cameras, video games etc. Even with trying to stay focused, we spent 40+ minutes in the store. We left with a Samsung DVD player with remote and 5 movies for less than the cost of just the DVD player from Walmart. It is similar to this one.


The sales rep at the store even hooked it up to a TV and put batteries in the remote to show me that it works. Service was great. I will definitely go back should I need anything else. Might even go back when I’m looking to replace my TV.

Tomorrow I will return the DVD player back to Walmart and that will be the end of that.

This day … let’s just say I’m glad it’s over. Nothing horrible happened but there were a few things that could have lived without.

The Firm Super Body Sculpt

This video contains 3 workouts, arms, legs and core. They run all together even though you can do them as 3 separate workouts. I did just the arms yesterday and it was intense. Today I did the rest. I was a hot mess at the end but it felt good. I really like The Firm workouts I’ve done so far. I believe that you would see results in 10 workouts.

Earlier this week one of my neighbours asked me if I had heard about the thefts of the registration stickers from some of the license plates in the garage. Well no I did not. He found out that his was missing when he was pulled over by the police. Just my luck, mine was one of them.  Who ever took it got a great deal since this year was the first time I decided to buy a 2 year sticker. Not impressed. I debated waiting until I was pulled over and “alerted” by the police but then my BFF reminded me that it would most likely happen at the most inconvenient time. So today I spent 40 minutes in a line and paid $7 to replace my stolen sticker. I wonder when my sticker was taken and how long it would have taken me to notice on my own. I have not put my new sticker on as I am going to cut an X through it once I put it on so that it will be harder to take the next time.

I now own 2 DVD players that don’t work right. The first is a DVD/VHS combo where the open button for the DVD side is very fickle. It has been designated to play only DVDs that I own just in case the button decides to crap out completely. 30 Day Shred has been in there for at least 6 months now. Tonight while watching a DVD from the library, the “good” DVD player decided to die. No warning, nothing. It just stopped. It will not turn on so I will have to wrestle with it to be able to give the library back their property. :( Since I have 26 DVDs on loan to me I see a new DVD player in my future. A quick check to Walmart.ca resulted in a couple of options that are less that $40. :) Want to guess what’s on my list of things to do tomorrow?

It has been hotter than Hades the past few days. Thankfully we have not experienced any black outs due to the increased electricity demand. Tomorrow is going to be another scorcher. On the plus side my water intake has been at least 2.5 liters a day. :)

Rookie mistake


I am kicking myself ever so slightly. I just finished updating my budget and realized that I paid full price for sunblock that was supposed to be on sale. :(

I used to be more diligent about checking my receipts before I left the store.  Time to bring that back.

If the store was closer I would go back but it’s not worth my while to try to get to my cousin’s neighbourhood, a 40 minute drive without traffic, to get back $6.

This is my PSA … check your receipts people. Don’t be like me!

A miracle in a bottle

My mind is going slow so I can’t remember if I ever mentioned my inability to hang in the sun for hours on end. Even with sunscreen and reapplying every 2 hours it still doesn’t help.

Then there are the times that I forget to reapply. Those are more often than I would like to admit. Especially after washing my hands. Usually by now my hands are “used to” the sun and don’t react. And by react I mean a red raised rash on the exposed skin.

Yesterday I went to a BBQ held by my cousin at a park near her house. It was a great day but the event was held at high noon. Princess and I arrived around 1:30 and left around 5. Even though I was in the shade for most of that time my hands and forearms were on fire when I got home.

Before picking Diva up from work, Princess and I went to a local organic store down the road from my cousin’s house and stumbled upon the holy grail of skin products. I have had this on my list of things to buy for a long time but the price always held me back. I decided to buy it when I next went to the States but it’s been a while.

Anyhoo, in the store I wandered all the aisles. I went in looking for sunblock and a Lifefactory water bottle. I broke my last Lifefactory water bottle in a freak accident, where it fell off my laptop table when I bumped the table. :( I want another one, but only in all purple and the 22 oz size. This store did not have purple in 22 oz.

While in the cosmetics section, I found Nature’s Aid skin gel. I bought the smallest size to test it out.

Nature's Aid (Source)

This little bottle was a small fortune, but after using it last night I may be willing to part with my first born for more. Okay, that might be a little extreme, but this morning my red raised rashy parts were not longer raised and significantly less red and rashy. :) Nothing else has worked this fast. It’s a miracle in a bottle. I usually put on a lot of after sun products but it takes a few days for the irritation to subside. Overnight relief was unheard of to me until today. :) :)

We left the store and headed to Ikea to get meatballs for Princess, along with a stool for the front hall. Neither happened. We wandered the entire store and had a great time wandering the different sections opening and closing drawers like crazy fools. In the cafe, Princess could not remember if she liked the meatballs enough to stand in line to wait for them. And I could not commit to the stool, again. We did leave with a few odds and ends:

  • a new set of glasses as all the ones we have are breaking
  • a mug for Diva
  • a little plate for Princess
  • a bath mat for the kids’ bathroom
  • a whisk

My cousin sent me home with lots of leftovers and we still have food in the fridge so meal planning will be delayed this week.

I also brought one of those Belgium chocolate cakes that I told you about. Since my cousin is beyond prepared she had dessert and sent me back home with my cake. Diva’s happy, me not so much.  MUST have willpower, anyone know where I can get some???

Knocked it out

It was after 11 last night when I grudgingly decided I should honour my decision to move during the work week. I was thinking “easy” work out when I remembered I brought home 2 new The Firm videos from the library. I clearly didn’t think this one through as both work outs were some sort of sculpting …

the firm power sculpt

I choose the above one as it was “only” 20 minutes long.  I must confess at no point during or after did I look like the chick on the cover. lol

This video is to be done with a 9 lbs weighted bar. I do not have such a thing so I substituted a pair of 5 lbs dumbbells. Not my best decision but I decided to kick it up a notch! I may be rethinking my arrogance in the coming days. lol I was a hot sweaty mess by the end of those very short 20 minutes.

Given that I was up late last night, there was no morning exercise done by me. :( Today with be a cardio day. Another 20 minute The Firm video to the rescue. :)

On a different but related tip, I am not a good scientist. I have yet to weigh or measure myself. I do feel stronger and less flabby. It would have been nice to have a benchmark but at the end of the day as long as I keep moving I should be good to go. The thing is to not fall off the wagon this time. ;)

PGH – 7.21.15

Project Get Healthy is back in swing.

I have re-committed to moving at least 5 times a week, preferably Monday – Friday. ;) Ideally first thing in the morning so that it’s off my list of things to do and I can enjoy my evening with the peace of mind that I “ate the frog”.

I am starting with The Firm video and Leslie Sansone. 20 minute workouts is where is it at for me right now. I need to build back up my strength and endurance. I put 2 more The Firm videos on hold at the library and will pick them up later this week.

Once I get my exercise under control I will tackle my diet.  I need to eat more veggies and less cake …

chocolate cake

I want to blame Diva for encouraging me to bring this delicious Belgium chocolate cake into the house. But the truth it I am the one who pays for them. Did I mention it’s yummy?

OTMTW – 7.19.15


It’s been a long time since I’ve baked buns. Not sure why I chose the hottest day of the year to do so but hey what to do when inspiration hits!

I tried a Milk & Honey white bread as I was looking for something a little more substantial than flour and water. I halved the recipe as I wasn’t sure that it would fly with my girls. They prefer I make my Grandmother’s bread recipe but that is a little more involved than I wanted to do today.

Diva tried one and she didn’t complain so this recipe is a winner.

Tomorrow I will be using them to go with some burgers. :)

Let’s see if I remember how this is done, it’s been a long while since I’ve planned out out meals.

On the menu this week:

Monday – Hamburgers and fries
Tuesday – Baked chicken with sidekicks
Wednesday – leftover chicken with sidekicks
Thursday – Chicken noodle soup
Friday – Big Bite Burrito
Saturday – TBD


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