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Summer’s here


And it’s ONLY May!?!šŸ˜®

I’m not prepared for this. Was really hoping not to have to turn on my A/C so early. We have been suffering with fans and cold water … and Popsicles.:)

Anyone still denying global warming needs to come visit me.


Feeling blessed

Over the past couple of weeks I have been on the receiving end of many acts of kindness from my co-workers.

Last week when I was still on my cleanse I arrived at work to find a bag of cherries on my desk. A present from a co-worker who brought in sugary treats for the office. So I wouldn’t feel left out.

little miss sunshine

This t-shirt was given to me after I was admiring a similar shirt on one of my co-workers. It’s a little tight and I feel like I might lose custody of it to Princess.šŸ˜¦

On Friday I came back to my desk to find a fruit tart sitting there waiting for me.:)

So to say thank you, I will be making Turtle Cookies as this recipe caught my eye. I will pick up caramels tomorrow as this is the only ingredient I am missing.


Tomorrow morning bright and early I will be driving to Ottawa to visit with one of my cousins. She is in the process of packing up her place to move and is need of some assistance. Since it’s a long weekend AND neither of my girls are working tomorrow, it seemed like a great little road trip to lend a hand. We’ll be back hopefully before 6 pm on Monday. So I can make cookies, of course.šŸ˜‰

I impressed myself


So I started a cleanse last week and then cursed myself as it meant I would miss both Cinco de Mayo and Mother’s Day celebrations.

But then I remembered this recipe I have been lusting after, Homemade Burrito BowlsĀ from Iowa Girl Eats. Well I didn’t get it together in time for May 5th or Mother’s Day but it was made and it was lovely.

When I buy meat, IĀ separate it outĀ into cooking portions and vacuum seal it with the help of Diva. I gave her the task of labeling all the packages. She’s gotten a little lazy and now only writes chicken as opposed to chicken thighs or legs.

Anyhoo, I took out what I thought were chicken breasts, only to learn they were boneless, skinless thighs. So I got creative and sliced them, coated them in the seasoning and then sautĆ©ed them with onions and green peppers. I was trying to sneak veggies into my kids plate. It worked!šŸ˜‰

Badda Bing Badda Boom!!


Topped my plate with some store boughtĀ guacamole and I was in heaven. Both of my girls were also impressed. I may never eat Mexican in a restaurant again. It was very easy to make and very tasty. I could have used a little more pepper but other than that perfection. I highly recommended this recipe.Ā I can’t wait until I am off my cleanse so I can add cheese, jalapeƱos and sour cream to this mix.

It can stop now

Okay 2016 you can stop taking my loved ones. I am going to count Prince in the mix even though we never crossed paths. He was on my bucket list to see perform and I’m a little peeved that it will not come to fruition.

On a more personal note, my Grandmother passed away on Saturday and while we were not particularly close I still feel incredibly sad. She lives in the CaribbeanĀ and I am grateful that 3 of her 6 children & my Grandfather were by her side so she didn’t die alone. She was 87 and was admitted into hospital on Thursday, slipped into a coma on Saturday and passed away an hour later. I hope she didn’t suffer.

My Dad arrived today and I am waiting to hear funeral details. Depending on when the funeral is will dictate if I go. Right now I don’t feel a pull to go like I did with my cousin and her aunt.

My Aunts and Uncles “seem” okay but time will tell. Most of my cousins are also “okay”. Like all things this too shall pass.

At the last minute

My apologies for not being around but life has been rather mundane. I have fallen off the exercise wagon again. Couple that with the grey, rainy days and I have been rather low energy.

Work is chugging along. They hired another person for my department and she is a treat. She was even given one of my accounts that I don’t love.:)

There were far too many closed door meetings on Friday and they distributed some accounts of the girl they hired 3 weeks before me. I don’t think she’s thriving in the position. She has a lot of people helping her with one account and things are still falling through the cracks.šŸ˜¦

I ended up staying late on Friday to finish up some orders since I didn’t want them sitting over the weekend and my manager asked how my work load is. Right now it’s not terribly busy. I wonder which accounts I will get from her. Time will tell if she is still there next week.

Yesterday was the deadline to accept an offer for college. Princess came home last night after 9 pm to ask me which one should she choose…O_o I love my daughter but her last minute actions drive me up the wall. I have been nagging her sinceĀ mid-March when we realized she did not get into the vet tech program she wanted to.

Anyhoo, it was between library technician and 911 dispatcher. Unfortunately or fortunately our local librarians are about to go on strike over pay and job security among other things, so she decided to not pursue it.

I told her to take a year off and re-apply to the program she wants but sheĀ told me, she feels she would not continue her studies if she didn’t keep going. Okay. Whatever works. Luckily nothing is written in stone.

She says she now feels less stressed. All that’s left to do is to graduate high school.

The BFF & I went out again last night. Lucky for me it was an “early” night as we left around 1 am. We went to a 70’s/80’s dance. I feel confident saying we were the youngest people there. Ā It was an interesting event. I am sure we will not be going to anymore of these meet up groups. She met a guy who is 13 yrs older and deemed him too old but took his number anyway … I will wait to see if anything comes of it.


It’s been a weekend I will never forget. Grab a coffee and a snack it’s going to be a lengthy one.

Let’s go back to yesterday. I slept in and woke up to no one up.:) So I made myself a cup of coffee and curled up with “The Book Thief”. It’s been on my list for a long time and has made it home a couple of times. I’ve had it for way too long right now and it is due in 10 days and I would really like to finish it. Although I do have a few other books that are due sooner that I will not be able to renew that I would also like to finish. First world problems are real!!

Anyhoo back to Saturday morning. After a little while Princess got out of bed and went to do laundry. She then went to perch on the toilet with a gadget. Diva was lounging in bed. After some time (a lot), Princess left to bathroom to step into a puddle of water…O_o

My washing machine was overflowing. The waterĀ had come out of the laundry room, down the hall and around the corner to the bathroom. It was a mini lake in my place. It was all hands on deck as we threw every available towel at the floor, after turning off the washer, of course.

It took close to 2 hours to get all the water off the floor. You really don’t realize how many things are on the floor until something like this happens. Long story short, I was left with a bathtub full of wet towels among other things and a clean laundry room.:)

I am feeling incredibly fortunate for a number of reasons.

  1. We have been know to turn on the washing machine and go out. I feel lucky that this was not the case yesterday.
  2. I live in a building that also has a laundry room. I can’t imagine having to load up the car with all those wet items and cart them down the street.
  3. The public laundry room isĀ available to residents butĀ no one uses as we all have in house machines. So I was able to use all the working machines without pressure or timing issues.
  4. The washing machine and dryer only costs $1 per load. A much nicer price than the $2.25 my BFF pays in her building.
  5. I wasn’t home alone. We were able to get this mess under control quickly because we were all working together.
  6. This mini disaster made me address some of the clutter that was piling up in my laundry room. Amazing how easy it is to get rid ofĀ things when they are wet and gross.

In addition, to all that mopping and wringing out of water, Diva and I were able to take a walk to the library. So I got my workout in yesterday!!:)

Afterwards I tookĀ her at work and dropped off some items for charity. By the time I got home it was after 6. I was able to re-purpose a pork roast made earlier in the week into stir fry with rice. Yeah for no food waste.

By this time I was beat and I had promised my BFF we’d go out. As much as I was not feeling like going out, I knew if I didn’t she’s just be home on the couch and she actually seemed really gung ho to go out.

We went to a meet up group function but unfortunately we were way too late so we just hung out at the pub listening to music and occasionally dancing. By 1 am her feet were hurting so we left. Another friend told me about an after hours party and I was very surprised that my BFF was up for it. She’s usually in bed by 9 and when we go out ready to go home around 11.

So we waited around downtown for 2 am when this party would start. It was an interesting affair as the crowd was much more mature. Granted they did seem like a bunch of happy drunks. There was one fella in there who decided he wanted to “be with me” and repeatedly told me so for the entire 2+ hours he was there. He seemed genuinely surprised that I did not want to go home with him to cuddle. WTF!?!

Other than that it was a good night. BFF met a guy that she thought was interesting so she abandoned me to talk to him. Leaving me available to converse with my stalker. Lucky me! It took a long while before he finally got the hint that I was not interested.Ā Lucky for me the dude that my BFF was talking to was leaving “early” or else we would have been there until closing at 6 am.

By the time we left and made our way home it was 6 o’clock in the morning. Goodness I haven’t been out that late in years.

This morning I got up and googled the life out of washing machine overflowing and figured out my issue. Was thinking I should pull the part out so that when I went to the hardware store I could ensure I bought the right piece. I watched many youtube videos on what the cause could be and then I opened up my washing machine and saw that the tube that is supposed to be connected to the water level switch had fallen out. Put the tube back in, put the machine to fill on the smallest size load and badda bing badda boom, it stopped filling up on its own.:)

Oh happy day!! Now I would be remiss if I didn’t mention I was already starting to plan how I was going to redecorate my laundry room with stackable machines. Thankfully I can put that fantasy on hold and keep the cash in my pocket for other things.

Right now I am starting to feel tired, so I am going to take it easy and then early to bed tonight.

No Good Deed

Goes unpunished.

Getting the appliances to my mother’s house is turning into an endeavour. I called the guy who moved my stuff 10 years ago and he wants $290 to move the 3 appliances 18 kms (11 miles) from a condo to a house.O_o

I called a second second mover and the weekend rates are $90/hr with an additional $90 travel fee and $55 for gas. If I use them on a weekday the rate goes down to $65 but they are only available 7-9 am or 11am-1pm. Don’t they think people work?

Anyhoo, I was really trying to get this all done yesterday, but when I went to rent a truck I was out of luck. So instead my sister and I spent over an hour trying to get the fridge out of my mother’s house.

At one point it looked like we had gotten ourselves up a creek as the fridge was stuck in the door way. Oy vey. šŸ˜ 

I was eventually able to push shove it back into the house where we removed the doors and got it out the door. By the end of it all, we were tired and not in the mood to try moving the stove.

I have rented a truck for Monday and my friend has kindly volunteered to go get the appliances and bring them to my mother’s house. Given how long it took us to get the fridge out, it may not be an easy move.šŸ˜¦ Hopefully he knows what he’s doing and can work magic to get the stove out and the new fridge and stove in.

I really can’t wait for this whole saga to be over. I can now understand why some would purchase new. So much less to co-ordinate.




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