Random thoughts of an upbeat mind

Last week other than a few days of the ab challenge, I only worked out once. 😦

On Thursday, I came home from work at a decent hour and no one was home so I had no excuse not to do something. Not wanting to work out, I figured I’d do one of Jillian Michael’s 10 minute workouts.

10 minute

OMG, I am still feeling my muscles. If I don’t get some exercise in today, the next time I will have time will be Tuesday.

Friday morning, I took my van to get an oil change and they noticed that the tire arm(?) on the front passenger tire needs to be replaced and then an alignment would need to be performed. Since I got the van from my Dad, he had mentioned that his mechanic had issues fixing the alignment. Hopefully my mechanic can get it corrected.

Yesterday, Diva & I went to an open house for one of the universities she got into. It is a very picturesque. Class size is nice and there seems to be a lot of possibilities there. It is in the city so she could live at home. Right now, she would like to have the residence experience and I think that is a great plan. My only concern about her staying in the city is that it would be too easy for her to get distracted from her studies. Staying in the city would allow her to keep her part time job. Pros and cons everywhere. A decision needs to be made soon. I think she will stay in the city since in her mind that university is better than the away from home one … O_o

At work, all our outside sales reps are coming in for the week, so fingers crossed that will all go smoothly and not require any extra time from me. So far there has not been a team event planned. I hope it stays that way.

Next week, I will be taking the van early Monday morning to be fixed. I am working Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. Some other day other than Tuesday and Thursday, I need to fit in some exercise.

I also need to figure out my summer travel plans. A lot of people I know are traveling this year and I have travel envy. There is no real reason, I shouldn’t travel except my renos. The same ones I keep putting off. I need to make a proper plan. As I need a little fun in my life.

Any and all ideas are welcome.


This past week has been one for the books. Apparently I do not like sleep.

Wednesday’s shift ended at 11 pm. I need a bit of time to unwind after work and did not go to bed until 1 am.

Thursday found me in the drive thru with the thermometer in my car rising high that normal. I will admit, there was a small moment of panic. Especially as I had tickets to see Infinity War downtown later that evening downtown. I put some water in the radiator and kept an eye on my dashboard the whole drive down.

The movie started at 10:25 pm … we didn’t get home until 2 am. It is a great movie BTW. Since the thermometer had given me reason for concern, I decided to get up early Friday morning and go to the mechanic. Based on the amount of coolant he put in my radiator, I think it’s safe to say it was empty. We decided to revisit it the next day to see if there is a leak.

Friday felt like the longest day as I worked both jobs on 4 hours sleep. By the time I returned home after 11 pm. I was wired and had to force myself to go to bed as I was getting up early to go back to the mechanic the next morning to get an oil change. The place was busy so I will try again Tuesday morning.

Yesterday was supposed to Day 1 of me getting back on the exercise bandwagon … it almost didn’t happen. But lucky for me, one of my cousins suggested we go for a walk … at midnight when she got off work. Since we have been trying for a while to get together, I agreed.

We ended up walking for almost 1.5 hours. This trek also included a stop for chicken wings. Not our best decision but hardly see each other. I did not end up getting home until after 4 am … Then got up at 9 to take Diva to work. There will be a nap in my future.

Today, I need to run a few errands and do some cleaning up before I can have that nap, so I better get on it.

21.75 Hours

That was last week’s schedule at the PT job … Wednesday & Friday night my shift ended at 11pm. On Wednesday after work, I came home to bake chicken as I had taken it out of the freezer on the weekend and it needed to cook or get thrown away. This was especially great as I had roasted veggies to eat.

I brought my lunch in on Friday, then was tempted by a coworker going for sushi. Later I went into the fridge and my lunch was gone. My container no where to be found. I think it was mistakenly taken by a particular coworker who has done this before as we have the same sets of containers.

When I was in Maryland in October, I ordered some items from Amazon and they were scheduled to be delivered before my Aunt came to visit. It did not arrive before she left. No big deal as it was not anything urgent, just workout DVDs and Tubshrooms. My Aunt who lives in town, went to visit and came back with my purchases.

You know how I love my 20 minute workouts. πŸ™‚

Next week I am working Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. I will be getting up early to workout. These videos will be part of the lineup. I am determined to take control of my schedule and my health.

Other than that … I threatened my kids with eviction. On Sunday, our kitchen sink stopped draining. Of course it happens when there are way too many dirty dishes piled up. The super came and determined the blockage was in my unit. I still don’t believe it was but whatever. He offered to snake the drain for me “as a favour”. In doing so, a hole was created in the U joint of pipe … Not impressed, but not the end of the world.

On Monday, the plumber came and I am still not sure what exactly transpired as my kids were home dealing with him. When I got home the pipe was fixed but the kitchen was a hot mess. Since he had to weld, he removed the batteries from the smoke detectors. I asked my kids to replace and put them back on the ceiling … they are still taken apart.

To add insult to injury, I asked both of them repeatedly to clean up the kitchen as I was busy and tired. Ask me how my kitchen was looking …

To top it off, my sister is losing her cool over the fact that our mother asked her to pay to fix the gutters on the house. The long texts of ungratefulness grated my nerves. My sister does not pay rent. She works full time. She has no debt. My mother is retired. I am beyond annoyed.

Calgon take me away.


We are not immune

Today we in Toronto joined a club, I did not ever want to be a part of. I know it is still fresh and the investigation is just getting started but the cynic in me thinks this was a deliberate act.

This afternoon a van plowed into multiple pedestrians on the sidewalk. At last count, 10 people are dead and 15 are injured.

My Aunt initially brought it to my attention via our family group chat by telling us her youngest daughter was not involved but had been in the area just before it happened.

Its a scary thought how much life can change in an instance. This is absolutely heart breaking.

My thoughts and prayers are with all affected.


The Latest

I feel like I have good intentions for this blog then life and procrastination gets in the way. In my mind, it should be doable to post here once a week but somehow I seem unable to make it happen.

So I am aiming to make Sundays the day I say something to the world. If I am a smart cookie (and I think I am), I would start the post in the week so that it is less overwhelming to finish it up on Sunday. πŸ˜‰

With that said, let me bring you up to speed.

The PT job is going well. Initially I was only getting 6 hours a week. It was very easy but had me re-thinking why bother. It seems I keep forgetting that my social calendar is not very full and I should make the money while I can. 4 weeks ago I underwent customer service training and it seems that was the golden ticket. My schedule is now 18+ hours a week, spread out usually between Monday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday. Sunday is the only day that I have chosen to be completely unavailable to both jobs. Although I did work at the PT job last Sunday as we were short-staffed. 14 days of work in a row is not for the weak.

I can totally see why people who are working minimum wage jobs would anonymously write a blog about their jobs. Customers be crazy.

Getting used to working 60+ hours/week is taking some getting used to. It is forcing me to get my ducks in a row. I now try to get the bare minimum done in a timely manner as it really does make life a lot harder when I have spent too much time relaxing.

On the exercise front, I have not been doing much. A friend did convince me to do this 30 ab challenge. Until about 15 days in, this was going well. O_o


All I have to say is I have expectations that my abs will look like the picture at the end of the month!! LOL

That’s all for now.

I want the hour back

I am not ready for it to be 7pm already. Even though it is still bright outside and I will appreciate it tomorrow when I am coming home from work.

Today was a productive day. It’s amazing how much you can get done when you don’t turn on the TV.

I went to Costco, Walmart and the grocery store after dropping one of my kids off to work this morning. Since I am not eating meat, I am also not cooking much. And since I have been buying lunch, I have not really done a proper grocery shop. So I stocked up on veggies and bought a Costco size piece of salmon.

I roasted carrots, broccoli and made sweet potato toast and baked the salmon. I am ready for the week. Although salmon does not last long in this house, so I might have to cook again.

Before I go to bed, I will make some chia pudding to have for breakfast.

My goal this week is to go back to not buying lunch. Even though it is only $7 and the portions are generous, it does add up rather quickly.

The part time job is not keeping me as busy as I would like it. Last week, I only had 2 shifts, Friday and Saturday evening. The schedule is the same again this week. I am lightly looking for another job, both full time and part time. Gotta keep my options open.

Last week at the full time job was trying. The sales rep I work with is very panicky and scattered and it increases greatly when there is lots going on. I spent the whole week willing it to end. Not the way I want to live my life at all.

This week should calm down a bit so I should also be able to return to the gym with more consistency. Last week, I went twice. Which considering I only went to the PT job on Friday makes me a little disappointed.Β This week I am aiming to get at least 3 workouts in, preferably 4.

Life is still pretty quiet. I keep toying with learning to use my DSLR properly, but have not picked it up to do anything with it. 😦 I been reading a bit. Currently tackling “The Woman in the Window“. It reminds me a lot of “The Girl on the Train” and I did not enjoy that book much. But I will struggle through it as I want to see how it ends.

Every morning at work, I start my day by reading msn. There are usually fitness articles from Popsugar. Recently I read 3 articles about daily exercise challenges; 100 squats/day for 2 weeks, 50 burpees/day for 30 days and 50 push-ups/day for 2 weeks. Out of the 3, the push-ups seemed the most doable. I’m 10 days in and it is not getting any easier. I did not add the challenge of doing all the push-ups on my toes. I have only tried to do some on my toes once. And well … it sucked royally.

Usually by the time I am getting to do my push-ups it is late and I just want to get them over with as soon as possible. So modified push-ups for the win!

Maybe after these 2 weeks are over I will continue but instead start on my toes and see how far I can get in 2 weeks.

I am still getting in some workouts at the company gym but not as many as before. So far I seem to be working 3 shifts/week at my part time job. Only 2 of those are during the week, so I really have no excuse.

I was attempting to avoid going while the boot camp was in session but our paths crossed last week and it was not as bad as I thought it might be. Our gym is not very big so it really starts to feel restrictive with more than 4 people in it, at least to me.

A friend of mine is trying to convince me to join the local no-frills gym. It is $5 every 2 weeks, so $130/year. Not ridiculously overpriced. It is a 24/7 location so the only thing to figure out when to go. Ideally I’d love to go first thing in the morning, especially since the location closest to me is in a mall with a glass wall. It makes me think of zoo animals as everyone in the mall can watch you work out. So my only options are to go when the mall is closed and late night working out does not appeal to me.

Other than that life is pretty mundane.