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Work drama

They let the newest hire go yesterday and since then the crazy has become more evident.

It was around midday and we were called into a meeting in another part of the building so she could get her stuff and go.

During the conversation between this employee, the VP & my manager, the employee became incredibly loud and emotional. She was rambling on and on and the person who sits outside the conference room got an earful. She had to be escorted out of the building.

Since her departure, she has called my manager 6 times, sent her 10 text messages, emailed 2 coworkers 3 times and texted 1 coworker twice. Repeating over and over again how much she has been betrayed by my manager and my personal favourite “I did nothing wrong to get this type of treatment”.

What the what???O_o

We’ve been instructed to not respond if she does contact us and to pass all correspondence to my manager.

It is very alarming how unstable she is. So much so we are in talks to change the entrance code to our building.

July No Spend Update #2

There’s extra $ in my bank account!!!:)

***drops mic***


I amuse me greatly.

Ok, seriously now. I have been a bit of a hermit this month, but it is reflected quite nicely in my budget. All categories are still way under. Go me!!

Decided to treat myself to cherries tonight. Walked to the local mall, returned my library books and went to the “rich people” grocery store as it was the only one still open. Figured it would be just one bag, so I’ll just shut my eyes and buy it.

When we got to produce department, the shelves were empty. I thought it might be because it was near closing time but was told by the associate that they were sold out. He recommended that I get a rain check. Since the price was going to be $2/lb higher tomorrow.

Well ok, you do not need to twist my arm. So tomorrow I’ll be walking back to get my 2 bags (rain check limit) of cherries. 😀😀😀

Work has been full of drama. So much so a coworker & I chipped in and bought our manager a bottle of wine. It was that kind of day yesterday. If it wasn’t for the fact that I had less than 4 hours sleep on Monday night and I had to pick up Princess last night I too might have been drinking.

Since this whole situation is hurting my head, I’m going to share with you all as I’m kind like that. You’re welcome.:)

Office roomie is in a better mood. Could be because she’s spent a lot of time complaining with the new girl.😦 Although I hear there were tears yesterday morning when she read an email announcing that one of our teammates had moved on to a different department. 😕

There was another incident yesterday between the old manager and the new girl. This lead to the new girl making comments about calling her lawyer, storming out and calling HR. I have no idea what happened and at this point in time I wish she would just leave if she’s that unhappy. According to the company grapevine she sent something to the VP with a lot of errors and the VP told her plainly that it was not acceptable. This caused the new girl to get upset again.

I am way too old for this. So again I am putting on my headphones and tuning everyone out.

On a completely different note, I have worked out every day for the past 5 days!! WHOO HOO!! My muscles are talking to me and I like it. 😳😲

Deferred Spending

Since starting this no spend challenge, I have been thinking about things I would buy but will put off until the challenge is over.

It’s no secret that my exercise has been less than stellar lately. I really want to change this. Getting up in the morning is not working for me.  What has worked is doing it right after work. But recently when I get home one or both of my kids are home and watching something on TV in the living room.

This lead me to think about getting a DVD player for my room. Thank goodness I procrastinated on getting rid of the TV in my bedroom.;)

I was going to go back to the pawn shop that I got my last DVD player from but I’m on a no spend. I was planning to wait until August, until I told a friend who mentioned he might have one in his mother’s garage. Fingers crossed, I can save myself $20.:)

July No Spend Update #1

So far it has not been a no spend month but a low spend. I am still under budget but there has been unnecessary spending.

Yesterday I paid for treats from McDonald’s for myself and 2 co-workers. It was the least I could do considering one of them frequently buys treats for the office and the other gave me a t-shirt and a bowl.

While in Niagara, I got caught up and bought a some souvenirs. Nothing extravagant, a couple of zipper pulls with my girls’ name on them and a fridge magnet. But not needed at all.

Today found me in the grocery store. I went to buy a bag of rice. I left with the rice and ice cream drumsticks (3 boxes as we all eat different flavours and they were on sale) and produce.

 Caramel for me.  Cookies & Cream for Princess. Plain vanilla for Diva.

There have also been some cheap lunches out. 2 occasions, less than $10 total but still.

On the plus side, I declined to go out with my BFF on Saturday as luckily she found someone else to go out with. I also declined a comedy show tonight.

I will get it together for the second half of the month.

Last week, we had a visiting co-worker from California. She is a lovely lady and I got a chance to get to know her better as I was her “date” Friday night since everyone else was busy.

She did not want to spend the evening in her hotel room so I, the homebody, was tasked with figuring out what we would do. I took her to The Real Jerk as she had never had Jamaican food before. She really enjoyed her curry chicken roti. Our waiter was not the most attentive and neglected to bring our jerk flavoured wings and got our drinks mixed up. We still managed to leave full and content.

During dinner she mentioned that she would like to see Niagara Falls before she leaving on Saturday evening. She expressed doubt that she would go by herself so I volunteered to play tour guide. I was up very early to make sure we got there and back in time for her 6 pm flight. From my neighbourhood it’s about 1.25 hours without traffic.

We arrived around 9 am. The first thing we did was buy tickets to the Hornblower boat ride, which takes you to the base of the falls. Even though it was early there was still a short wait.


After that it was time for a meal, some souvenir shopping and then a walk to the falls. We headed back to the car around 2 pm in order to get to the airport by 4 pm giving her plenty of time to return her rental and check in.

It was a great way to spend the day. I forgot how much I love Niagara. And the weather was perfect for being out and about.

Last week’s happenings

Let’s see where did we leave off? Ah yes the missed Maxwell concert. I did speak to my “friend” and his take on it was since I had secretly put my ticket back into the envelope with his ticket, he took that to mean that I was not interested in going.  He didn’t seem to understand why I might be upset.

So my perceived actions hold more weight that my words. Duly noted. We have had no words since that conversation on Wednesday. Knowing him like I do, it will be a while before he contacts me and I refuse to contact him. Not out of spite or because I am still upset, but more so because I felt hurt and wanted that feeling acknowledged and it was not.

The past work week was full of drama. There were lots of tears at work. My office roomie has been in a rut the past 5+ weeks and she is extremely negative. Any time she is involved in a closed door meeting with someone in management it usually ends up with her in tears. She says she’s just one of those people who “tears up” when she’s angry. I’m not so sure. Other coworkers who have been in the company longer than I have tell me this is just how she is.

She’s very unhappy at work and her energy is just draining. I am a very positive person but I find myself avoiding her as it’s just easier for me. I can’t win an “argument” when most of her “evidence” is from before my time.

Our manager and the new VP are working very hard to change the corporate culture and she just keeps prattling on about how it will never happen. Since I started I have seen a change. It is small but moving in the right direction.

On Friday I told my roomie if she isn’t job searching she should start as she is clearly not happy. She says she is but hasn’t seen anything that catches her eye. I hope she finds something soon as it is not healthy to live like she does.

On Wednesday, there was an incident where we were all in a meeting in my manager’s office and the old team manager asked the newest member for the price of an item (which she would not know off the top of her head having been there less than 3 weeks). Being put on the spot embarrassed the new lady. This was witnessed by the assistant to our company’s general manager, who deemed it inappropriate. This lead to a closed door meeting with the assistant, current dept manager, VP and new team member.

Before this meeting, I was in the kitchen with another coworker and the new lady came in and was basically shaking she was so mad. There were tears.

Thursday morning found the new girl in my office talking exchanging stories of misery with my roomie. I’m too old for all of this.

A short rant

I need new friends.

Back story, I have a male friend who I dated briefly but it just was not meant to be. We have settled into being friends.

We go to the movies and meals out, which now that I type it sounds like dating but without any physical contact. He was a great help moving my Mom’s fridge and freezer.

So I thought I would do something nice.

Maxwell was coming to Toronto (technically is here tonight), so I confirmed that he would be available and was interested in seeing Maxwell before I bought the tickets.

Bought a nice thank you card and put the 2 tickets in.

First things first he was surprised and I told him not to feel obligated to take me as that was not my plan but he said no he wanted to go with me. This was back in April.

Nothing else is said about this event.

Fast forward to last night and we’re texting as he’s at work from 3pm-11pm. So I ask him if he’s working this shift all week. To which the answer was yes. So I confirm that this means he’s not going to see Maxwell. He says yes. I ask if he pawned the tickets. To which I got another yes.O_o

What the what!?! I want to cuss.

Now I know I gave him the tickets so they were his to do with as he pleased but I thought we had plans to go. There was no mention of not going. This makes me wonder had we not had this conversation yesterday what would have happened had I texted today to say I was ready and what time should I pick you up.

All I can do is shake my head.

Not impressed at all.

Lesson learned.


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