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They’re here!!

On Wednesday I threw out my couch in anticipation of yesterday’s delivery.

living room living room living room

After the couch gone, we moved the black chairs in front of the TV.  Given that there are 3 of us and only 2 chairs, it was a fun couple of days.

Saturday morning Diva & I got up and cleared space for the boxes.


All of the pieces required some assembly, but nothing I couldn’t handle.

Rocker recliner couch loveseat

The two black chairs have been promised to a friend who was supposed to move next month, but there has been a delay.  For now they will remain with me.

The new chairs are comfortable and firm.  Much different from my old couch.

Now to add some colour to this room.

Spending money like a baller

Ok let’s see where to start…

Saturday, I met up with a friend to have sushi at a new all you can eat place.  It was one of those newer places where you can order via tablet.  Very cool.  Great for making sure you get everything that you ordered. We then went back to her house to hang out.  I left her house to see about ordering my furniture.

I was in a rush since I had to drop my girls off to a party.  Instead of just ordering what I want, I told the sales rep I was looking for reclining fabric couches and she told me a new catalogue just came in.

In it I found this set.

Couch set

I like this set much better than the one I was originally going to get.  It doesn’t help that the set I went in to order went up in price by $250.  This one costs $250 less than the new price of the old set. Or exactly what I was looking to spend in the first place.

I have also been toying with the idea of getting a new dining room set, so I inquired about those as well.

I liked this one with the darker fabric chairs, but I did not like the price.

Dining set 1

It wasn’t a lot in the grand scheme of things but it was more than I was willing to spend.

This one was more in my price range but I am not feeling it.

Dining set 2

Since I was indecisive I walked away from everything.

I went back on Sunday and ordered the cheaper couch set pictured above and then this dining set chosen by Diva. I decided that it was time to execute.  I really want to get my place in order and am tired of procrastinating.

Dining set 3

As I was driving home, I had buyer’s remorse about the dining set.  I called the shop to cancel and there was a communication issue so I will call back on Tuesday to cancel it.

While I was out I also purchased an electric fireplace as the furnace in my home is not working well and my electric bill has been climbing the last couple of months. So rather than buy a whole new furnace, I figured I’d supplement my heat with a pretty fireplace.


I love it, but it doesn’t work well in my home.  4 times it tripped the fuse and put us in darkness. :( The first time it went out, the fireplace was on and I attempted to vacuum.  While I would like to take it as a sign not to vacuum … After the second time, we turned off anything that was not “essential”.  Then I turned on a small heater on the other side of the room … darkness. As it turns out every outlet in my living room and dining room is on the same fuse and my system can’t handle it. The last time it went out, the fireplace wasn’t even on. So I have no idea what’s that about.  Since I have unplugged the fireplace we have had constant power.

Since I am not about to run an extension cord from a bedroom to the living room, I am going to investigate returning it and seeing if I can just get a regular space heater.

I’m a little disappointed as I think it is a very nice piece and it made the place very cozy. I was planning to put my TV on it and “relax” by the fireplace.

Feeling so behind

My life is fairly mundane right now.  Work, home, sleep, rinse, repeat. I am starting to get the flow of my workplace.  It is still very slow.

On Wednesday there was a system glitch so I ended up working late.  And I learned about overtime!!  WHOO HOO!!!  Any time I work past my allotted shift I fill out a form and I get paid extra.  I get time & a half for any time over 40 hours.  Right now I work a 37.5 hr week.

Today and yesterday I am on the late shift so I start at 10:30 and end at 7 pm.  It’s not too late.  Since it’s very slow during the day I thought (wrongly) that I would be able to read from 6 – 7 yesterday.  Instead I was learning how to cancel a part of a job which is a time-consuming process.

I am hoping tonight will not be as involved. lol

Since I’ve been home late the last couple of nights all I do is fix myself something to eat and then catch up/annoy my kids then it’s time for bed. :( My inbox is overflowing.  My house is looking like it needs some attention.  The movies borrowed from the library are piling up. Lucky for me, it’s a long weekend so I will be able to knock out these chores and more.

My super is back!! Not really all that exciting EXCEPT I can now order my new furniture. Tomorrow should be the day I order my couches.  I am feeling like my dining room needs some help so I am going to inquire about the price of this set.

Dining set

I need to see if I can just order the table and chairs.  If the price is reasonable, then I will be adding it on the order. Then I only need to wait for the delivery truck once. :)

Bob tried to kill me today

Totally Ripped Core

I don’t know what I was thinking but Bob & I are not on friendly terms right now.

I have been using the weekends to get longer workouts in.  Bob doesn’t seem to do 20-30 minute workouts so this is our only time together for the week, which might be a good thing.

Totally Ripped Core was a challenge. I yelled at Bob more than I think I have ever yelled at Jillian. More times than not, I told him I didn’t want to do whatever it was that he was doing.  I did it, not always well but I did do it.

OMG, I was a hot sweaty mess by the end. Tomorrow I think I will be feeling my muscles.

Unfortunately  Yeah I was able to renew Totally Ripped Core and Yoga for the Warrior another week so tomorrow I will be doing the yoga video again. And next Saturday I will be fighting Bob and my core again.

This getting fit thing is work.  It really is.  I would like to say that I was mad at myself for letting myself fall off the wagon but I’m not.  Those were some great meals and I had lots of periods of inactivity.  It was inevitable. Plus the working out gives me something to do and I am feeling stronger.

I will get there.

Traumatizing my kids

Book of Negroes


Like the bad mother I sometimes am, I have been watching “The Book of Negroes” with my daughters.

I just recently finished the book and it was a fantastic read.  I made sure to read it the moment I heard there was going to be a television show. The mini-series strays from the book.  There are a lot of details missing.  While I enjoyed the book, the mini-series is not holding my attention as much as I would like.  But I will continue to watch it along with my girls as it gives me an opportunity to have discussions that might not have been had otherwise.

After the first episode in which the lead character, Aminata is kidnapped and her parents killed, my children decided they just couldn’t deal with all that had happened to her so far.

It was decided we would watch an episode every other night, giving them time to “recover” from the emotional toll of the story.

In the second episode, Aminata’s child is sold. Diva was outraged. Princess looked shocked. There was a lot of yelling at my TV that night.

Tomorrow we will watch the third episode.

I feel privileged to be born on this side of the planet at this time.  I have had countless debates with friends over what would have happened to us had we been stolen, born into slavery or taken to a concentration camp.  I think I would have done what was necessary to survive.  Although I think if you sold my child that would be a game changer.

A Great Day

Today was a great day. It started with a little lot of Bob.

Yoga for the Warrior


This video came highly recommended by one of my cousins.  I am ashamed to say that I had previously borrowed it from the library and returned it unopened as the workout is 1 hour-long.  But since she said it was a good I figured it was worth a shot.

For me to do a long workout, I have to schedule it on the weekend. I am just not there yet with the desire or energy to do this during the week.

This video had me shaking and sweating.  I found him much gentler in personality that Jillian but still very challenging.  I can see this being a Sunday video on a regular basis and might consider purchasing it.

I have another Bob video to try but it too is a lengthy one so it will have to wait until Saturday.

I tried a new recipe that got rave reviews from my very skeptical children. Costco had tortillas on sale so I bought a package then wondered what I would do with them.  Enter Mexican lasagne from Fannetastic Food. It was delicious.  I can’t wait for lunch time tomorrow when I will be having leftovers. :)

The icing on the cake was the 1.5 lbs less that showed up on the scale when I stepped on it.  Yes I know the numbers mean nothing don’t tell the whole story but it still does make my day when there is less of them.

A brief update

Oh where and what have I been up to?  How I wish I had something exciting to tell you.

I’m still working out daily.  On the days when I don’t feel like working out, I walk a mile or 2 … usually a mile and call it a happy day.

I wish some of my efforts were visible on the scale.  I’m trying very hard to not to let it get me down.  My only saving grace is putting on pants that were previously a struggle are now a little easier to get into.

Today is the first day in 2 weeks that my shoulder seems to really feel like I’m on the mend.  Not sure what it is taking so long to get back to normal or why I didn’t do the sensible thing and book a massage.

I started and finished a book!!  The Book of Negroes has been on my list for a long time.  Now that there’s a mini series, I was “motivated” to read it.  I have 3 episodes to watch as I refused to look at it until I finished the book.

This book made me realize how much I love reading and need to figure out how to make it a priority.  All of this seems to suggest that I REALLY need to put my work outs in the morning so my evenings are free for other things.

On the work front, my days are a little boring as it is very slow.  So there is not a lot to train me on. It makes for a long day.

Next month I am ordering my furniture.  The delay is due to my super being on vacation and his replacement is hard for me to track down.

I must confess I am now looking at my dining room … it’s going to look shabby when the new couches get here … This is how I hear it starts.  Hopefully I can find something affordable when the time comes.  But given that it’s taken me 7+ years to get a sofa I’m not all that concerned.

I think that’s about it.  See not much happening over here.


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