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What a week

This week I took on the additional roles of both my boss and one of my direct reports.  My boss was out of the office Monday through Wednesday.  The direct report called in sick on Monday and was out due to a family emergency on Wednesday and Thursday.

Being my boss was easy as it only required me to attend daily meetings.

This direct report does the daily production printing run which consists of lots of printing.  She has her own way of doing things and it is the way the rest of the staff is used to.  So I got a few exasperated looks as I print in random order ALL the time!! So no day was like the last.  Oh well.  It was incredibly busy.  On Wednesday I had lunch at 3:30.  Not cool.

On Friday everyone was back at work thank goodness as I was sick as a dog.  The chills and shivering from Tuesday had returned with a vengeance. 😦 I was wearing a t-shirt and 2 fleece sweaters and still felt cold.  It was not pretty.  I left work early came home and went to bed.

I spent most of last night in bed resting.  I barely ate much which makes today not so fun as I can’t stand for very long without my head feeling funny.  I am waiting for one of my kids to get up so that they can make breakfast.

My kitchen is a hot mess despite asking my kids multiple times last night to clean it up.  It does irritate me just a little when my kids take advantage of the fact that I am not well.  They did surprise me by going to bed at midnight last night which is early for them on a Friday night.

This weekend I plan to take it easy.  The chills are gone but I know if I am not diligent they will return.  So to the couch I go to focus on my recovery. 😉


Comments on: "What a week" (4)

  1. Sounds like a crazy week. I hope the chills don’t come back!

  2. Ugh! A very full-on week! Hope you are feeling better soon!

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