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There have been a few things on the go for me lately so I figured I’d give you a quick recap.

On Friday I finally finished the scarf I started … way too long ago.  Unfortunately the only picture I managed to take of it was a quick shot to send to my cousin so she could see what she inspired.

Pittsburgh Steelers scarf


The scarf is quite long and was quickly claimed by one of my friends who is a big Steelers fan.

When I say my cousin inspired the scarf, it’s not the scarf itself but its completion.  In the past month, my cousin has knitted herself a hat, cowl and a hooded scarf.  She is now working on her second hooded scarf.  All in the time it took me to crochet 10+ rows.  She is speedy quick and very dedicated.

Anyhoo, now that the scarf is finished, I miss crocheting so I picked up one of my many incomplete projects.

These piles will eventually become a blanket.

Granny squares

I am going to confess that these granny squares have been in this state of limbo for more than 6 years.  I vaguely recall moving with them.  Putting together the blanket just seemed like a daunting task.  I started this blanket to give me something to do.  It is for my BFF.  I am going to attempt to finish it before she moves into her new apartment in January.  If I recall correctly this was supposed to be a house-warming gift for her, at least 4 moves ago. *hanging head in shame*

In other news, Diva is now the proud owner of a broken screen on her iPod Touch.

Broken iTouch screen


Apparently one of her younger cousins got ahold of it over the weekend and decided to pitch it on the floor.  It still works but she is heartbroken.  We went to the Apple store on Sunday and was told it is $99 to replace it but we need to make an appointment online in order to do so.  Say what!?! O_o  I’m here in your store willing to give you my money and you want me to go home and make an appointment???  Apple is making too much money.

This is Monday’s leftover veggie soup.

Veggie soup


With a little salt and sriracha, it is delicious.

This morning I had to drive Diva to a volleyball tournament at a school that is about a 10 minute drive away.  I was up early since the news said we could get a ton of snow.  I was afraid we would be dumped on like Carla was in London.   But we were lucky and only got a light dusting.

A little snow


Most of the roads I drove on were clear which is a great thing.

I think that’s about it.  You are all caught up now! 😉


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  1. Six weeks ago I started knitting a sweater as a Christmas gift for our little nephew. So far I’ve done about 2/3 of it’s back. I have a feeling it might not be happening this year :)…

  2. I love your scarf! I think I have a cross stitch I started 5 years ago. I always feel bad when kids’ device screens get cracked or broken or run over – a lot of the time it’s because their friends have been goofing around with them! No snow yet here, in fact we’re at the tail end of a big rain storm. Your soup looks very yummy!

    • Thanks. My BFF recently decided she wanted to take up cross stitching. I had a hard time finding a kit in Canada for her but found one in the States. We shall see how long it takes her to finish it.

  3. Oh gosh – snow! It really freaks me out to think of driving on snow. Not something I have ever done in my life here in Oz. My brother gets to go to Toronto for work this week – I’m so excited for him! I told him to pack warm clothes!

    I love the crochet squares and scarf! I also feel really bad for kids when their ‘devices’ get broken – the kids are always devastated. I hope it gets fixed soon.

    • Snow just takes some getting used to. Unfortunately some folks seem to “forget” so the first snow fall usually brings quite a few accidents.
      Thanks. I hope to have the blanket put together soon.
      I feel extra bad for kids when it wasn’t their fault that the device got broken.

  4. […] how Apple wanted $100 to fix it but only after I made an appointment!?!  Well that wasn’t working for me and Diva […]

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