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I tried to unplug

Well it was not a complete failure but … it did not go as well as I would have liked.

I think having Princess’ BFF here made me … soft.

After we cleaned up, we watched High School Musical 3.  Her choice.  Then my sister came over and the BFF needed to go home and then all of a sudden my house was empty.  With an hour left to go in our unplugged time, my kids and my sister decided to go to McDonald’s and the BFF went home.

Now I am relatively sure that my kids went to McD’s for the free wifi.  And had there not be witnesses visitors, that trip would not have happened.

But we did spend a couple of hours together even if it was not exactly like I thought it would be.

Truth be told the minute they were out of the house, I turned the wifi back on.

**raising hand** Hi. My name is Sunny and I’m addicted to the internet.

Comments on: "I tried to unplug" (8)

  1. I know the object was to spend more time with your children and you turnedit on again when you were by yourself but do you ink you could be ‘unplugged’ if it was just you by yourself for the day?
    I ‘try’ by turning the PC off – then find myself reaching for the iPad. Have to be strong willed and finish the jobs I set out to do before caving in lol

  2. I have a serious addiction, too!

  3. Me too… sigh

  4. Me 3…

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