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I have 2 movies (Grown Ups 2 and Red 2) that are due today.  Which really means by Monday morning.  We are going to hang out at my Dad’s tomorrow afternoon.

I have a ton of chores to do.  My beloved Princess has been sprinkling lemon juice all over my house like holy water in an attempt to ward off spiders.  Someone needs to mop the floors.  And it’s not me!!

The weather report tells me it’s going to rain all tomorrow so I should leave the house today and enjoy the weather.  Plus getting out will mean that we are not sitting at home using up data.

Where to go / what to do that will not cost a fortune?  Time to google cheap/free things to do.

I supposed I should do my chores first.


Remember this??

Broken iTouch screen


And how Apple wanted $100 to fix it but only after I made an appointment!?!  Well that wasn’t working for me and Diva wanted the 5th edition so she saved up for it and got it just after Christmas and then lost it in May.

Since she had no choice, Diva started using it again.

Over time it got significantly worst.

Today Diva and my sister decided to go look in Pacific Mall as my sister told her that there was a store there that could fix it for $50.  After wandering around for a while they found some place that would fix it for $35.


Fixed like new

And they also included a screen protector.  It’s like new!

She is a very happy girl.

Still doesn’t replace the one she lost but it helps.

I’m glad it is now fixed.  It was beginning to become a safety hazard.

OTMTW – 7/6/14

Well it’s confirmed we really are addicts.  On Saturday we used 6GB. :( We only have 60 for the month … Do you see a possible problem?

Anyhoo …

Diva decided to get back on the meal planning in a big way.  She actually wrote out this week’s menu.

Menu plan 07/06/14

Sunday – Chicken & rice
Monday – Fish sticks, fries & beans
Tuesday – Alfredo sauce & pasta with cucumber
Wednesday – Corn beef & rice
Thursday – Leftovers
Friday – Frozen pizza

Tomorrow I am going to teach her how to make Alfredo sauce as it is her very favourite.  Hopefully when she tries to make it on her own she doesn’t burn down my house.


Internet addicts

Princess who always sleeps in was up bright and “early” this morning so she could go on the internet.

Last night we went to bed before midnight.  Diva got up at some time after midnight to use the internet.

I think we might need some sort of self-help program.

I went out for lunch with one of my cousins and I am fairly sure my girls did not move from in front of their computers/iTouches.

Going to have to figure out how to curb this next month when they will be home ALL day.


A lazy day

On Canada Day I worked in exchange for July 4th off.

Hello long weekend.

I was pondering what to do with my day and have decided it will be a lazy day.  My sister wants to clean my car and I would not want to rob her of that joy! LOL

I’ll spend a little time online.  Tomorrow our new billing cycle starts so I see a lot of time spent on the computer for all of us.  So maybe today won’t be quite so lazy after all.  If we do all our chores today … then instead of a lazy day, we can have a lazy weekend!!

Sign me up!!

Now to convince the children. ;)

OTMTW – 6/29/14

On a completely unrelated topic, we have managed to go over our allotted 60 GBs for the month and there is still 5 or 6 days until this billing cycle ends. :(

Since school ended and my girls were on exams, they took this at time to sit on both their computers and iTouchs while watching TV.

On Friday they told me reached 100%.  I checked our usage today and we are over by 6 GBs already. :( *sign*

I used to plug out my internet when I went to bed since I was the last one up.  When they were on exams I left that to them.  And while they did plug out the internet it was at 1, 2 or 3  in the morning.

Anyhoo no use crying over extra money spent unnecessarily.  For the rest of the week, the internet stays off until I come home.

Back to the task at hand, I am going back to meal planning.  Yeah me!!

I took out some chicken to thaw this morning which I intend to bake.  We shall see what difference this will make as Diva tells me constantly we have no food.  But that girl gets on her high horse sometimes and tells me she also doesn’t want to eat leftovers.  And while I have the take it or leave it mentality when it comes to food in my house, I am finding that too often she “leaves it” and then doesn’t eat.  $%%Y#$%#!?!

I worry about her eating or lack of it.  When there is leftover take out she will eat that no problems, no fight.  When I cook she will sometimes eat seconds or thirds that same night but not the next day.  If I buy veggies and don’t cut them up they don’t get eaten.  It’s all very annoying.  I don’t want to fight with her about food as I don’t want to make a big issue out of it and then it becomes a bigger point of contention.

Yesterday no one was hungry.  I threw a pizza in the oven and magically 2 hungry girls appeared.  I think Diva would have eaten the whole thing had she not had to share with the rest of us.

It’s very frustrating.  I don’t want to cook every night.  Diva will cook but then I have to worry that she’s going to burn my kitchen down.  Her method is to turn the stove on high and then when things start to burn turn it down.  I have a couple of ruined pots to show for it.

Today I am going to make oven BBQ chicken legs with Sidekicks and green beans.

On the menu for the rest of the week is:

Chicken Alfredo
Hamburgers with green beans
Pork tenderloin with Sidekicks
Dirty rice (rice & ground beef mixed together)


This weekend’s plans

I can’t recall if I mentioned I bought some herbs & veggies earlier this summer.  I was trying my best to keep them alive.  Well I have failed at that task.  I just looked at my plants for the first time since probably last weekend and it’s a dead zone. :(

Dead plants

I told you it wasn’t pretty. :(

It’s bad enough that when I’m well I forget about them but when sick … they had no chance.

I plan to relax this weekend and hopefully build up my immunity so that when I go back to work on Monday I am ready to fight the germs.

Since the majority of our clients are in the US, the boss offered up taking July 4th off instead of the first so we could have a long weekend.  There was talk about a vote being held.  I swear I was at work on time yet it was decided by the co-worker that had been working there the longest that we would take Friday off.  And before you could object she had already informed the warehouse.  While I don’t object to the Friday off, it would have been nice if we actually voted.

Today I think I’ll take the girls for fro yo and I borrowed Despicable Me 2 from the library.  We will definitely be watching that tonight.

Since my appetite has been non-existent this past 5 days, I have lost 2 pounds.  I am hoping to piggyback on that loss and start moving.  One of my cousins recently recommitted to MFP and asked me to do the same.  So today is the official day 1.  I am debating starting fresh as in weighing myself and changing my goal since I have managed to maintain my current weight for quite some time now.  I just looked and the last time I weighed myself was almost exactly a year ago.   My weight is a little more than 3 lbs over last year’s number.  So not bad in my books.

I need to find myself something to eat and figure out what I’m going to do with this afternoon before the fro yo. ;)


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