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Oh Happy Day

Today was a good day.

Even though it took me 1 hour and 45 minutes to make what Google maps said would be a 23 minute journey.  Dang you Toronto congestion.  Sadly I have no idea why there was such a delay as there wasn’t anything falling out of the sky.  At one point it took me 40 minutes to drive 2 kms. :(  Torture.  I can’t imagine doing that daily.

The HR person was very accommodating and my 9 am testing appointment was rescheduled to whenever you can get here.  Which was nice considering how long it took me to get there.  At the end of it she told me that she’s let me know if I was moving forward.

Guess who’s moving forward???

I have an interview tomorrow afternoon. :)

I was also able to score an appointment with my chiropractor with afternoon to address my hip issue.  It feels a lot better.  She suggested, like she always does, exercise.  It is time to get back on that bandwagon.

The tides are turning

After posting my rather not so happy last post, life has turned just a bit.  I have had 3 interviews with a second interview with one of the companies on Monday.  Fingers crossed it pans out as I am feeling a bit uneasy about taking so much time away from work. I am feeling hopefully and much more determined to leave.

Yesterday my body betrayed me and my hip is protesting loudly.  I wish I could tell you that I worked out and that’s how I hurt it but I did not.  I can’t even pinpoint what I did to make it hurt.  I got up this morning and stretched but it doesn’t feel any better.

On Thursday (yes I am all over the place in this post but it’s entertaining so go with it), my car started producing this awful burning chemical smell.  I took it to the mechanic after work yesterday and of course the smell was gone.  But I knew something was not right and insisted they look it over.  Turns out it’s my brake lines.  Sounds rather important no?  It is now fixed and available to me to pick up.  It is a 20 minute walk away.

Given my hip issues am I nuts to consider walking?


I have been meaning to post on here sooner I swear!

Inspiration has been lacking and the truth is life has not been that fun or exciting.

I changed jobs in May because I was under-employed and felt like this change would be a good one.

It’s not.

Like P. Diddy said “Mo’ money, mo’ problems”!! LOL


This new company is incredibly dis-organized to the point where I am not sure how it is they make any money or why people still do business with them.

It has been baptism by fire and it’s more stressful than I think life should ever be.  We seem to be always behind the 8 ball. It is a rare day that I am not apologizing to a customer.

This has caused me a lot of unnecessary grief. I am looking for a new job and it can not come soon enough. There is another trade show coming up that I am contractually obligated to go to that I do not want to attend AT ALL.  I am praying that an opportunity to leave this company presents itself before then.

I could tell you lots of crazy stories about the business ethics of this new company but I am really trying to get myself in a more positive head space.

I know this too shall pass; I am just willing it to pass faster. ;)

On a completely different note, I increased my internet monthly GBs from 60 to 270.  Last 2 months usage – under 60 GBs.  I don’t know what’s happening here.


Yesterday was a good day.  I stopped by the gas station closest to my Mom’s house and they were running a promotion that if you used your Air Miles card you got 3 cents off per litre.  Not a huge amount but I’ll take it.  Next I went to Wal-Mart and the laptop cart that I have been looking at online which said was out of stock was there.


It is much bigger that my other one but I really like it.

The Wal-Mart I went to was next to a Lowe’s so I decided to go in to see if they had another lock that would fit my door.  It really was my day as this lock was on sale 50% off.  Better lock for less than the one I had at home causing me grief!?!  Sign me up!!


I was ready to buy the burnt brass finish even though it didn’t match my door handle because at that price why not. Then I spotted the last silver one. SCORE!!!

It did require me to do a little modification on my door but not much.

This lock has an auto-lock feature which I am having trouble with as the deadbolt needs to be fully extended and the hole in my door frame is not deep enough but other than that it is working out well.  I still have to get Diva to pick a code and then we are good to go.

Scarier thing, as I was putting my lock in my neighbour came to see what  I was up to so I told her the story.  She was ill for a while and when the elevator was being repaired she stayed elsewhere.  She said when she came back the toilet seat in one of her bathrooms was up.  She’s a single woman living alone.  So she too will be changing her locks.

I’m so glad I finally got off my duff and changed the door lock.

Adventures in door locks

A couple of weeks ago I started the crock pot and came home to it turned off and cold.  My girls were home so I asked them if they turned it off even though they have never done so in the past.  Of course both of them told me no.  It was very unnerving to me that the crock pot was off.  So I texted the president of the condo board who is home all day and asked if there was a power outage.  Even though I knew there wasn’t, but figured it was probably better to go this route than to flat-out accuse people.

The president said there wasn’t an outage and then he called me.  So I told him what happened.  It just so happened that on this day we received our annual report and according to Princess it was put in the door in such a way that the super would have had to open the door to leave it in between the door and the frame.

In my mind it made sense that he could have smelled the food cooking knowing that no one was home and came in to turn it off.  Seems reasonable and logical.  Alarming but still understandable.

The president checked with the super and he claims that he did not go into my apartment.

I’m not buying it. But without proof what else can I do but change my locks.

The president suggested that maybe there was something wrong with my slow cooker.  I have since used it twice without any issue.

So last night I finally made it to Home Depot and looked at locks.  I was just going to go with the typical deadbolt but before I left Diva suggested we get a lock with a keypad so she didn’t have to worry about being locked out.  This also addressed my desire to not give my key to the super.  If I had a key pad I could give him a code when he called to tell me he needs to get in and change it when I get home.

After a long debate, I bought this one.

Weiser - Weiser Powerbolt Deadbolt, Satin Chrome - GED1460 X26D SMT MS SL - Home Depot Canada (Source)

And had a friend over to help install it.  Over an hour later it was determined that the hole in the door was not big enough to accommodate this new lock properly.  I’m a little afraid to try to make the hole bigger as it is my front door and if it gets messed up I’m not sure what my next step would be.

So I am going back to the store today armed with the knowledge of how big the hole is and see if I can find a lock that will fit my door without having to make any changes.

Wish me luck.

OTMTW – 10/27/14

Guess who’s back to meal planning??????????

If you guessed me you are absolutely correct!!  There is no prize to be won but let the knowledge that you won keep you warm tonight. :)

Lately I have been flying by the seat of my pants when it comes to feeding my family. :(  Some days have been better than other.  Yesterday Diva & I brainstormed about possible dinner options and she came up with sloppy Joe’s.  I made homemade buns and the plan started.

Sunday – Homemade pepperoni pizza using that delicious 2 ingredient pizza dough recipe
Monday – Sloppy Joe sandwiches with coleslaw, I used this recipe but modified it by using onions & garlic instead of powders and added red peppers
Tuesday – Pasta with sausage from this recipe
Wednesday – leftovers
Thursday – stew chicken and rice
Friday – leftovers
Saturday – TBD

For the past couple of weeks my fridge was empty, I did manage to reduce the amount of items in my freezers, but I still have a way to go.  I am slowly toying with the idea of getting rid of my big freezer.  My thought is that I don’t seem to get to the stuff at the bottom. :(   Going to spend some time really thinking about it.  My cousin has an upright freezer and I like that much better but it’s the size of a fridge, way too big for me.  If I could find a bar fridge size upright freezer I could be sold. ;)

My latest discovery

I have been on the hunt for a while for a good quick pizza dough recipe.  Until yesterday most of my efforts were not successful according to the “voluntold” testers that live in my house.

On Wednesday when I should have been working but instead was passing time on-line, I stumbled across this recipe for 2 ingredient pizza dough.  Pizza dough that doesn’t require you to wait for an hour while it rises!?!

I was very excited at the thought.

Yesterday I tried it out.  I was impressed.  Diva was impressed.  Princess was impressed.

I have found my new go to pizza dough recipe. :)

All is right in the world. :) :)


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