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Good Friday

I hope it’s a happy one for you.

Today I am going to take my youngest sister to the outlet mall in Buffalo in hopes of finding her a cheap dress for prom.

My extremely tomboy sister surprised me the other day by telling me she was saving up to buy a prom dress.  I didn’t attend my own prom it never even occurred to me that she would want to go to hers.  She’s been looking around for a dress but so far has not found anything.  She recently got a part-time job at the local grocery stores and works weekends.  So going shopping on the weekend is hit or miss.

Lucky for us, Americans aren’t nearly as religious and there are lots of places open to shop today.  Hopefully we can find her a dress she likes for a reasonable amount.  She is budgeting $200.  I think that’s way too much for a dress she’s only going to wear once.  I’d like to see it under $100 so I’m hoping that can be found.

Of course my girls are coming along.  They would not miss an opportunity to travel or shop. ;)

Right now it’s 10:20 and my plan is to leave at 10:30. BUT I am not ready and my kids are not even up.

Better go get started.

Heart broken

My apologies for the radio/blog silence.

Last weekend my cousin and his wife lost their baby and it has just been awful.

She was due in June.

I can’t even imagine the pain they are going through.

My heart bleeds for them.


I tried to unplug

Well it was not a complete failure but … it did not go as well as I would have liked.

I think having Princess’ BFF here made me … soft.

After we cleaned up, we watched High School Musical 3.  Her choice.  Then my sister came over and the BFF needed to go home and then all of a sudden my house was empty.  With an hour left to go in our unplugged time, my kids and my sister decided to go to McDonald’s and the BFF went home.

Now I am relatively sure that my kids went to McD’s for the free wifi.  And had there not be witnesses visitors, that trip would not have happened.

But we did spend a couple of hours together even if it was not exactly like I thought it would be.

Truth be told the minute they were out of the house, I turned the wifi back on.

**raising hand** Hi. My name is Sunny and I’m addicted to the internet.

Last Sunday, Carla wrote about being unplugged from the internet for a good part of the day.  While unplugged she got a ton of stuff done.  Way more that I think is humanly possible but then again Carla is part superwoman! :)

Anyhoo I thought it was a fantastic idea and am going to try it today from 12 pm – 5 pm.  Maybe eventually I’ll work my way up to longer.

I have been warning the children all week that it was coming so they are not unprepared.  I need to take away Diva’s iTouch as she seems to have found an unsecured wifi connection.

I am not hoping to get more chores done but more undistracted time with my kids.  Just now they really will be off doing their own thing so while I can still exert my will, I will! LOL

Last night Princess’ BFF slept over so she was warned about the loss of the internet.

I’ll be back later to tell you how we fared and

OTMTW – 3/30/14

Menu 03/30/14

Firstly NO, I am not early for next week but rather very late for this past week. LOL  But since I took the picture last week and have yet to post it I figure why not.  I actually meant to do this post on Thursday but then time got away from me and I thought I should probably do something responsible like sleep.

It was a chicken week.  I am not a big fan of chicken but I have a tonne of it in my house so it’s got to get eaten.

When I went to the States 2 weeks ago I bought every type of chicken sausage that Wal-mart had.

Chicken sausages

So far we had the 3 cheese ones (on far right) in pasta sauce and the nacho ones by themselves with macaroni pie on the side.  The nacho ones were not a favourite with my kids.  I’m glad I didn’t do my usual stock up with multiples.

Now to make taco seasoning and combine that with some Rotel tomatoes in the slow cooker to make shredded chicken.

I don’t really want to talk about March.  I was doing “OK” until I left the country then I forget I was on a budget. :(

So I hope to distract you with what might be my only “win” this month.  All the decluttering I did.

Stuff to go Yeah me!!

Ok, back to reality.

What was I supposed to be doing again?

  1. Participate in Carla’s March Take 3 challenge - I did join and post about it :)
    • Come in under budget – Not even close
    • Time management – Nope
    • Declutter – Partly done, still have a box of CDs to rip
  2. Work on my afghan – I have added a few more rows
  3. Daily reading in the morning and evening – Nope
  4. Read 3 books – I only read The 21 Day Financial Fast
  5. Stop eating after 8 pm – If I was on point 30% of the time that was plenty

I am still struggling with getting my ducks together.  I only exercised 12 times and that was only because since last week I decided to make sure I move every day.

April Goals

  1. Move at least 10 minutes every day
  2. Stick to my budget
  3. Read 3 books
  4. Continue to work on my afghan
  5. Stop eating after 8 pm
  6. Replace the batteries in my scale and watch
  7. Figure out what to do with my tax refund

Maybe lucky #7 will be the magic number of goals for me this month.



Today is Princess’ 16th birthday.  Have mercy.  My child now thinks she automatically get to start driving.  I’m not sure there is enough wine/Advil/rum to make this transition easier on me. LOL

Originally she wanted to have a movie party except the movies out now don’t interest her.  So we are waiting for Captain America: The Winter Soldier next weekend.  She will take a couple of friends.  I asked her if she wanted a big party and she declined.

Like the “good” mother I do not claim to be, I currently have her making her own birthday breakfast.  To her credit, she took over as I was busy with the laundry so it’s like she brought it on herself. LOL

For my kids’ birthdays we always go to the restaurant of their choosing for their birthday dinner.  Princess chose Nando’s, because one of the members of One Direction loves it.  *eye roll*  Whatever floats her boat.  According to my BFF who is trying to tag along it is really good chicken.

Before our dinner out I really need to get 2 loads of laundry done, wash the kitchen floor and my hair and at least get the buns made.  Secondary is the meal plan for this coming week.  Really need to get back on my game with that.

Alright I am off to get my chores started.


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