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On Friday my building had a holiday potluck party.  It was supposed to run from 7-9.  Since I arrived home at 6:30 tired and unprepared, I decided to opt out and relaxed on the couch.  Diva arranged for her Dad to come pick her up so she could spend the weekend with him.  He didn’t show up until 11 pm. I walked her downstairs to get him to sign a document.  As we walked out of the elevator, my neighbours still at the party, yelled my name.  Who knew this was a happening place to be.

Once Diva left, I went to the party and hung out for 1.5 hrs.  These folks did not want to go home.  There were many empty bottles on the table and lots of food still left.  It seemed like a good time was had by all.

I have a neighbour that I haven’t seen in a couple of weeks at least.  Her parking spot is empty and every time I see it, I get a bad feeling.  Well it looks like I was right.  According to her family members, she had a stroke while traveling in the US and is now in hospital in a coma and has been there for 2-3 weeks.  She is not yet stable enough to be brought back to Toronto.  This just makes me so sad as she is such a kind person.  Whenever I see her in the hall she would always tell me she is praying for me.  I guess now is my turn to pray for her.  Please feel free to add her into your prayers as well.

Today was another day that confirmed I really do need to change jobs.  My last day will be December 31 unless they walk me out sooner.  The politics in this place just doesn’t work for me.  I can’t wait to be gone.

On a completely different topic, I miss the sun.  It was another grey day, this time with rain.  It washed away most of the snow and what was left behind is now muddy and gross.  I don’t mind the cold what I need is bright light.  I even contemplated buying a wake up light to help me get up in the morning as this girl is dragging. I fought temptation and bought this instead.

Baggallini Everywhere Cross-Body Bag (EWY571-NALG) - Navy

I have always wanted this bag but the price was a bit much for a nylon bag.  But at almost 42% off sure why not.  I figure I can always return it if I don’t love it when it arrives, right?

Princess and I hit the stores yesterday and knocked it out of the park.  Okay, well not exactly but we managed to find gifts for everyone I am buying gifts for AND a gift for Princess. LOL

So other than gifts for my kids to open, I am done with Christmas shopping!!  Whoo hoo!!!!

The list looks like this:

sweaters for my Dad & brother
purse for my sister
coffee gift pack for my step-Mom
ginger teas & candies for my Mom
jigsaw puzzle for Princess

I also bought myself a cookbook and a Tiger Tail massage stick.  The stick I may have to return as I think that might be what my Mom is getting me.

At some point today I will do a tally.  I’m fairly sure that I am within budget, but won’t be once I start doling out cash.

During the week I will go out without my girls and see what I can find for them.  As much as Diva loves money, she prefers getting gifts.  Her favourite Christmas memory is one where there were many presents under the tree.  She doesn’t even remember what she got.  It was socks and underwear among other necessities.  The fact that they were wrapped up was all that mattered.  Oh that girl makes me smile so.

It’s that time of the year

Now that the snow is here is really is starting to feel a lot like Christmas.

Too bad I am not a fan of the commercial Christmas we seem to celebrate.

As usual I have 8 people on my list, if I don’t include myself. ;)

My youngest sister & my daughters will get money.  So easy and always welcome. :)

It is the rest of the list that will cause me some grief.  My parents (Mom, Dad & step-Mom) need nothing.  My brother likes expensive electronic gadgets. :( My other sister will probably get some jewelry or something girly.

Today I will start looking and hope and pray that gift ideas are plentiful.  And that this is my only trip.  I have some points to a couple of stores that I will visit to see if I can use up.

I’m not impressed with myself for leaving the shopping so late.  Oh well, what’s done is done.


Presto chango

First snow storm


And just like that winter is really here.

This was the view from my office window this afternoon.

We got over 5 inches of snow today.  Yeah us!!

The commute coming and going was slow, but I made it safely and in one piece which is all that mattered.

Watching the news made me even more grateful that I don’t commute far.  It was a hot cold mess.



This is my third year participating in the sealed pot.  A great idea by SFT.  Basic premise is to choose a “pot”, seal it and put all spare change in it for a defined period of time.  I use it for Christmas spending.  It really is phenomenal how much these bits and pieces add up to.

The first year I can’t remember what it all added up to.  But last year’s pot weighed in at 8.8 lbs and turned into $445.37.

I didn’t really have high hopes for this year’s pot as it was a heavy plastic year for me.  Or at least it felt like that.  Yesterday I weighed my tin.  And it was confirmed that it is significantly less than last year.

Sealed pot 2014

3.2 lbs less than last year.

Today I walked to the bank with my tin and dumped it into the coin counter.  Final result is $310.30.  No bad but not as good as last year.

The pot is now once again sealed and the $0.30 has been used to start it up again.

This exercise has definitely goto me thinking about really trying to make next year an all more cash year.  But I have enjoyed the perks I get from my credit cards.  So I will have to figure out a balance.

Now that I have a rough budget, I guess I really need to figure out my Christmas shopping.

The job offer

So I got my job offer.  It is conditional on passing the background check and providing copies of 2 pieces of photo ID, employment verification of the last two jobs on my resume and a copy of my college diploma.

The companies in question are my current company and the one that went out of business.  I can not find my record of employment from the company that went out of business.  And I’m not exactly comfortable with them contacting my current job considering they do not know I am looking.

As for my diploma … I have not seen it since I graduated back in 2002.  LAWD!?! So tomorrow I will have to see about getting it.

The good news is that my benefits are effective as of my first day which will be December 29 if all works well.

In all of my many jobs, this is the first time any employer has ever been so thorough.  You would swear I am going to be looking at government secrets.

I’m not really sure it’s worth all of this effort but it’s starting to feel like my current job is squeezing me out so I feel like I have no choice. :(

Hopefully once I start the job, it will all be easy peasy.


I was going to write this post looking for advice but I don’t think I need any, but feel free to weigh in.

So I got the call I wanted today.

I got the job!!


And it’s a little big but!!

The pay is less than desirable.  I knew I was going to take a pay cut but the salary offered is lower than the minimum I want.  It’s still workable but just much less wiggle room. :(  The HR person said that was all that was in the budget.

It is a good size company with offices worldwide.  It is a permanent full-time job with benefits.  The job comes with 4 weeks of paid time off which includes sick days, vacation and personal days.  There is education reimbursement and some pension or stock options or something with a company match up to $3000/yr.  Usually there is a year-end bonus and/or profit-sharing of 3-6%. I think there was more but I was standing in the hallway while it was all recited to me.

I was debating whether or not to take the position when the accounting clerk sent me a text message saying that they are interviewing for an account manager on Thursday.  Which doesn’t surprise me, since last week I was told by a subordinate that I was getting an “assistant”.  I am not that busy that I need an assistant.  Plus I thought it interesting that the other account manager has an assistant whose title is something like sales assistant, but when the recruiter spoke about hiring someone it was an account manager.  Maybe it’s me, but that doesn’t sound like an assistant to me.

Anyhoo … I am going to accept the offer and hope that this new job will be enjoyable and something I can do for the next couple of years.  I am tired of job searching and switching jobs.


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