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They are gone

I woke up yesterday morning to the phone ringing. It was my kids’ father looking to see if we had left for the States. It seems that neither one of my girls updated him. 😦 It is a blessing and a curse that Diva works for his friend. She gets a lot of hours but when her boss needs her, some times she calls her father and he calls us. O_o

When she was told they were keeping her on, it was said that she would get 2 or 3 shifts a week. On Monday she was not on the schedule. She did a little dance at the thought of having the week off. But it was short lived as half an hour later, she was called in to work.

Mid-day on Tuesday her boss called me to see if she could work that afternoon. o_O She was also asked to work on Friday. On Friday she checked the schedule and saw that she wasn’t on it so she thought she had the day off. Not so, her boss called half an hour after her supposed start time looking for her.

That makes 4 shifts last week and she’s working again today.

Anyhoo back to my original thought process.

I dropped Diva off at 10 am and was giving a friend a ride to work when one of my cousins sent me a text asking that I give her a call. Since my plan was to go to my mother’s, I just went there to make the call.

She basically wanted to let me know that my sick cousin’s Aunt, the one also in hospice had passed. While it was not unexpected, it is still very sad.

11 hours later she sent me another text to let me know that my cousin had also passed away. I couldn’t even get the words out to tell my kids. 😥

I was supposed to go out tonight, but after this news it just didn’t seem like a good idea. My girls took it hard but seem to be dealing with it okay.

Another cousin was texting me why I didn’t go out and I realized she hadn’t heard the news. So I called her. I left her in shock as she was also not aware that our cousin had relapsed. Considering she was the one who had a lot of information after the initial diagnosis, I was surprised.

Anyhoo, if the funeral is on the weekend she will come with me.

I really wish I was in MD with my family right now.

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  1. I’m so sorry. It is always such a shock even if you have been half-expecting the news. And always puts everything else in perspective. Very shocking news.

  2. Hi Sunny, I am very sorry to hear your news. Safe travels, and I wish you comfort in these difficult times.

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